“Help! I don't know what to do!": Twitch streamer loses her cool after accidentally starting a kitchen fire

Twitch streamer kjanecaron sets her kitchen on fire during a subathon stream (Image via kjanecaron/Twitch)
Twitch streamer kjanecaron sets her kitchen on fire during a subathon stream (Image via kjanecaron/Twitch)
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Twitch streamer Kelly "kjanecaron" found herself in a rather scary situation during a recent livestream while hosting a subathon.

Kelly was merrily cooking food during the stream, and the fire started to build upon the frying pan. The Twitch streamer lost her cool and called out for help by shouting after she began to panic on stream:

"Help! I don't know what to do!"

Twitch streamer kjanecaron sets her kitchen on fire and panics on stream

Twitch streamer kjanecaron is an IRL and Just Chatting content creator who was hosting an uncapped subathon on her Twitch channel. The streamer decided to cook some delicious meals while she had more than 10 hours on her clock to stream.

From what it looked like, Kelly cooked brisket in a pan and placed the cooked meat on top of a plate. Soon after, smoke started to build up due to her overcooking the meat. After noticing the huge amount of smoke that had started to build up, Kelly began fanning out the smoke using her hands and she started to cough.

Almost instantly, fire erupted on the hot pan, and the Miami, Florida-based Twitch content creator tried to extinguish it by blowing air on it. She immediately started to panic as she picked up the burning pan and tried to throw it in the water basin.

The firey grease present in the cooking pan reacted with water, and it started to spill out of the utensil. Kelly reacted to this and said:

"Oh s**t! Oh s**t, oh s**t! Oh f**k, f**k!"

She placed the flaming pan back on the stovetop and tried to analyze the situation. After being unable to process a plan of action, Kelly sought help from her fans in the Twitch chat by asking:

"F**k, f**k, I don't know what to do guys, I don't know what to do!"

Fire alarms at her house started to beep furiously, and she started calling out for help after the fire didn't seem to settle down.

Redditors provide their take on the Twitch streamer's situation

A reaction thread on the streamer-focused subreddit r/LivestreamFail featuring the streamer's situation attracted more than 80 comments and fans expressed their worries about the streamer.

Some Redditors provided context by mentioning that Kelly had burnt herself, but the burns were not serious. They even suggested that the streamer delete the VOD since Twitch might consider the streamer's actions to be "self-harm."

Redditor u/jimmydorry checked the stream a few hours after the incident and stated that Kelly's hand was still burnt and she was talking about the situation with her fans.

Several fans were shocked to see the Twitch streamer's initial response of throwing the hot greasy pan in the water. Redditors explained how scary the situation would've become and were thankful that the content creator was not able to open the water tap.

Some fans were puzzled to see how the streamer wasn't aware of the procedure to deal with hazardous situations.

kjanecaron is a Twitch partnered streamer who has been streaming on the platform since August 2019. She saw a huge jump in viewers and followers in July 2021, and she currently has 92k followers on her Twitch channel.

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