Twitch streamer Oceyana swiftly banned after using racist and homophobic slurs during Twitch stream

Oceyana doubles down on using the f-word. Viewers suspect a permanent ban is incoming (Image via Oceyana/Twitch)
Oceyana doubles down on using the f-word. Viewers suspect a permanent ban is incoming (Image via Oceyana/Twitch)

Twitch streamer Aleyna "Oceyana" has been banned from Twitch for an unknown period following her use of homophobic and racist slurs during her livestream.

A clip of the moment was posted on the Livestream Fail subreddit. Soon after, action was taken against her account on the platform.

In a further development, the streamer addressed the situation on her Instagram, continuing to use homophobic slurs.

Oceyana uses f-word and n-word on Twitch stream

She was playing Valorant at the time of the incident (Source: She had been ranting about another player in-game that she disliked, saying the following:

"This f**king Viper guy thinking he's funny, taking the spike and then just- 'Yeah, I'm funny, come [indistinct] I will give you the spike.' N****, I'm like, n****, what is that."

A masculine voice can be heard in a voice call, laughing at her statements. They speak up after her, stating,

"Let's try to get a game that we don't have fa****s in it."

The Twitch streamer immediately agrees, responding,

"Yeah.. if we do get fa****s I'm going to dodge. I'm just going to dodge."

Soon after the clip was posted to Livestream Fails, a user replied to the post with the streamer's response to her now-private Instagram account.

Screenshot via oceyanax/Instagram
Screenshot via oceyanax/Instagram

The banned Twitch streamer took a screenshot of a user who joined her Discord server, pinning them as the "Viper" who had been the apparent cause of her frustration. She continues to use homophobic slurs, claiming that they "act like one."

It is unconfirmed whether the user in question is indeed the Viper player in her Valorant matches or if there is a misunderstanding and it is a random user.

Viewers react to Oceyana's problematic behavior

An overwhelming majority of Livestream Fail users who reacted to the streamer's clip posed against her.

Many expected to see her serve an indefinite ban soon, considering her behavior following her temporary ban.

As seen in the JiDion "Jidionpremium" case with Imane "Pokimane" Anys, streamers continue to break Twitch TOS outside the platform during a temporary suspension. This will result in further action being taken.

This was supposedly the reasoning behind Jidionpremium's temporary ban turning indefinite.

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