Twitch streamer passes out during live stream while celebrating achievement in Old School RuneScape

Twitch streamer GingerBeardie faints after defeating a challenging boss in Old School RuneScape (Image via GingerBeardie/Twitch)
Twitch streamer GingerBeardie faints after defeating a challenging boss in Old School RuneScape (Image via GingerBeardie/Twitch)

During a livestream on November 25, Twitch streamer GingerBeardie attempted to claim the coveted Infernal Cape in Old School RuneScape.

After defeating Tzkal-Zuk, the last monster in the Inferno, GingerBeardie exclaimed loudly and celebrated his victory. However, things took an unfortunate turn when he suddenly passed out.

However, the Twitch streamer got up a few moments later and confirmed that he was fine, before celebrating again.

Twitch streamer GingerBeardie faints after defeating Tzkal-Zuk in Old School RuneScape

GingerBeardie was in the final stages of the Tzkal-Zuk encounter in Old School RuneScape at the seven-hour mark of his November 25 broadcast. After successfully landing the killing blow, the content creator joyfully exclaimed, stating that he will not be returning to the Inferno:

"Yes! Let's f***ing go, man! I'm f***ing done with this f***ing s**thole place, man! I swear to god, I'm f***ing done! I ain't f***ing coming back, bruv! I am never coming back!"

But the streamer appeared dazed right after, before briefly losing consciousness and landing his face against the desk.

Timestamp: 07:47:25

GingerBeardie passed out for around 15 seconds. Once he recovered, the streamer said that he hurt his head, stating:

"My f***ing head, bro. I just head my keyboard, man."

GingerBeardie's in-game buddy mentioned hearing a Windows notification sound and reminded the content creator to pick up the valuable Infernal Cape. GingerBeardie thanked him for his assistance, saying:

"Thank you, Callum. Bro, I'm not going to lie, man. I can't celebrate this. I have literally f***ing... I have all the f***ing blood. Thanks, Callum. Have a good one, bro. Peace."

He then began conversing with his Twitch audience and expressed his disbelief at fainting during the live stream. He stated:

"Holy f**k, chat. What the f**k just happened, bro? What the f**k just happened, lads? Let me unpause the alerts. Like, guys, I'm not joking. I literally just smashed my f***ing... f**k off, listen, f**k you bruv! Holy f**k, man!"
Infernal cape completed 🔥15-20 attemptsWindows Key imprinted in my forehead for life, passed out, GG

Fans react to the Twitch streamer fainting on livestream

GingerBeardie's Twitch clip was shared to the r/LivestreamFail subreddit and ended up becoming one of the top posts on the forum. One Redditor commented that the streamer's chat "did not care at all" after he passed out:

Another Redditor recommended that gamers exercise or go on walks to get their heart pumping:

A community member congratulated the Twitch streamer and stated that obtaining the Infernal Cape was one of the "biggest accomplishments" in the Old School RuneScape:

Here are some more relevant fan reactions:

GingerBeardie is a partnered Twitch streamer who started livestreaming on the platform in 2017. He currently has 86,234 followers and has racked up over 4,500 hours of streaming Old School RuneScape on his channel.

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