Twitch streamer Prezoh banned after accidentally exposing himself on stream

Twitch streamer Prezoh has received a ban from the platform after exposing himself on stream (Image via Twitch)
Twitch streamer receives a ban from the platform after exposing himself on stream (Image via Twitch)

Twitch streamer Dave Prezoh received a ban from the Amazon-owned streaming platform this morning. The news came shortly after he decided to drink copious amounts of alcohol on his stream.

The streamer allegedly became too inebriated and began vomiting on camera before getting completely naked and falling asleep. When he woke up, still exposed, he realized his stream was still running. Prezoh also confirmed on his Twitter account that the ban is temporary, lasting three days.

bro waking up naked in bed and seeing OBS telling me i’m still streaming was an insane moment

Twitch streamer Prezoh banned for exposing himself

The Cold Ones podcast editor and streamer was consuming plenty of alcohol on last night's stream. Before long, he appeared to have blacked out on stream. Unfortunately for him, his stream didn't end, as he vomited in front of his viewers before getting completely undressed and falling asleep.

When he woke up, still completely naked, he went to his computer and noticed that his OBS was still running his stream. Realizing that he just exposed himself to his viewers, he shut the stream down.

He later received a notification from Twitch that he would be banned. Prezoh responded to the StreamerBans tweet announcing his ban by saying he would try to refrain from repeating the same mistake in the future.

My bad i’ll never show my dick again i promise…

Prezoh is a 24 year-old streamer from Ontario, Canada. He began streaming in 2014, officially becoming a Twitch partner in 2021. Aside from streaming, he is an editor for The Cold Ones podcast and a friend and frequent collaborator of big streamers like Ludwig and HasanAbi.

Many Twitch viewers and streamers have been wary of alleged double standards and uneven enforcement of the platform's community guidelines. With an incident like this, many were wondering if Twitch would make an example out of Prezoh and permanently ban the streamer for his drunken antics. Fortunately for him, the suspension seems to only be for 72 hours.

NO CHATTING IN STONEPA CHAT FOR THREE DAYS????? i’m gonna kill my self

Fans react to Prezoh's Twitch ban

Many fans seemed interested, jokingly or otherwise, in seeing a clip of the incident from the stream. They were disappointed to learn that no such video was posted to R/LivestreamFail.

With that being said, the streamer should consider himself lucky for not receiving a permanent ban from the platform.

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