“Only idiots sub to a streamer”: Twitch streamer Thebausffs explains why he never puts his Twitch chat in subscribers-only mode

Thebausffs provides his take on subscribers-only mode (Image via Sportskeeda)
Thebausffs provides his take on subscribers-only mode (Image via Sportskeeda)

Recently, League of Legends player Simon Thebausffs explained why his Twitch chat is never on subscribers-only mode. The streamer admitted that he disliked the feature and elaborated:

"I mean, only idiots sub to a streamer. Like, I've never done it. You have to be really, really stupid to sub to a streamer. So yeah, putting it in the sub mode, I think, that's a stupid thing to do."

Twitch streamer Thebausffs provides his take on subscribers-only mod

Simon is one of the most creative League of Legends content creators, popular for playing Sion in the most unique ways. Thanks to his ingenious playstyle, he has reached the upper echelons of the ranked ladder.

During a recent livestream on July 11, the content creator read out a message he received from a viewer while waiting in the pre-game lobby, which read:

"And the only sub mode would be such a great option for you. You should consider it."

The Swede scoffed and mentioned that he abhorred using the subscribers-only feature, stating that the majority of his viewers likely do not subscribe to Twitch content creators. He expanded:

"Sub mode. I don't like putting it in sub mode because I have a lot of... I have a lot of nice viewers that don't sub and I don't... I'm not complaining; if you can't afford a sub, then don't sub."

He followed up by saying that "only idiots" sub to streamers, confessing that he has never subscribed to any content creator on the platform as well. Thebausffs completed his minute-long clip rant with the following rationale:

"Because like, imagine, if I put it in sub mode, then I'll only get stupid people in my chat because they subbed. Like, yeah. It's the non-subs that actually have a brain, if you think about it."

Reddit reacts to the Twitch streamer's statements

Thebausffs' clip appeared on r/LivestreamFail, and over 30 fans provided their take on the streamer's opinion. Some fans were downright delighted to see their favorite streamer in a featured post on the subreddit:

Other fans applauded his decision, acknowledging that it was rare to see a streamer put their fans ahead of their vested interest:

Thebausffs is a well-known esports personality who has made an appearance at the League of Legends European Championship (LEC) on several occasions.

He began his livestreaming career on Twitch in 2018 and saw a massive viewership spike earlier this year. He currently has 765k followers and has spent 4,690 hours playing and streaming the MOBA on his channel.

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