MrBeast wins $150k League of Legends tournament, fans celebrate

MrBeast dominated the League of Legends tournament and won $150,000 (Image via Crown Channel/Twitter)
MrBeast dominated the League of Legends tournament and won $150,000 (Image via Crown Channel/Twitter)

YouTube legend Jimmy "MrBeast" squared off against Twitch star Tyler "Ninja" in a $150,000 League of Legends tournament, with the former emerging victorious.

The MOBA tournament was hosted on Crown Channel and was a massive hit. It saw several well-known and popular figures like Tyler1, Doublelift, Ludwig, Mizkif, Emiru, and Yassuo participate in it.

MrBeast's squad dominated Summoner's Rift by winning two games in a row, and the event's live audience went berserk.

MrBeast's team trounces Ninja's to win $150k League of Legends tournament

Last month, on June 22, the influencers made a formal announcement for the League of Legends duel featuring a $150k cash prize.

The event was livestreamed on Crown Channel on Twitch and several fans attended the live event at the HyperX Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The following was the roster for MrBeast's League of Legends team:

  • Voyboy - Top lane
  • Mizkif - Jungle
  • Yassuo - Mid Lane
  • Emiru - ADC (Attack Damage Carry)
  • MrBeast - Support

These content creators and pro gamers were on Ninja's team:

  • Tyler1 - Top Lane
  • Sapnap - Jungle
  • Ninja - Mid Lane
  • Doublelift - ADC (Attack Damage Carry)
  • Ludwig - Support

After the event concluded, fans flocked to Twitter to congratulate Jimmy for winning the $150,000 League of Legends tournament:

Twitter users wanted to get into the world of League of Legends after watching the event:

Some fans wanted the YouTuber to host another gaming event featuring Call of Duty: Warzone -

HyperX Arena's official Twitter handle congratulated the winning team:

However, not all fan reactions were positive. Twitter user Zeta (@Isac33334818) expressed their dislike for the event and stated that it was one of the worst matches they've seen, and critiqued one of the commentators at the tournament:

Voyboy, the top laner for Jimmy's team, celebrated the well-deserved victory on Twitter:

Fans were elated to see that the former League of Legends pro enjoyed playing the game on a competitive level once more:

The tournament did not end after Jimmy won the best-of-three round. Ninja upped the stakes by playing a $50,000 League of Legends game for charity and expressed his liking for playing another round by saying:

"Yeah you know, I think what I would really like to do is just do another, one more match final match for $50k for charity. Winner takes all pretty much, yeah. One more match baby!"

Community members can watch the entire four-hour long event on Crown's official Twitch channel:

Fans continue to celebrate the YouTube philanthropist winning the massively hit League of Legends tournament and are looking forward to more gaming events hosted by the content creator.