"NA is doomed!" - Tyler1 exposes a boosted League of Legends account live on stream

Tyler1 calls out a boosted Masters League of Legends player (Image via Sportskeeda)
Tyler1 calls out a boosted Masters League of Legends player (Image via Sportskeeda)

Twitch streamer and League of Legends aficionado Tyler "Tyler1" exposed a high-ranking boosted LoL account during his recent livestream and checked the player's Twitter account to verify the correlation.

Tyler1 lost a game in just 16 minutes after the enemy players demolished his team. Once he was done with the game, the Twitch star looked at his team members' accounts to analyze what went wrong.

After doing some investigation, Tyler realized that the enemy team's support player was boosted and win-trading with his team's jungler. After reading some of the posts on the player's Twitter account, the Missouri native stated:

"F***ing hell, dude! NA is doomed! Jesus Christ, man!

Tyler1 investigates and finds high-ranking boosted League of Legends player on stream

The League of Legends content creator returned to his hometown after spending more than a month in South Korea. Tyler has been playing on his North American account named COOKIEMONSTER123.

At the five-hour mark of his stream, the Twitch sensation locked in Malphite to play in the top lane. The game was a total disaster as all the laners were completely outmatched by the enemy team players.

Once the game ended, Tyler wanted to take a look at the match and account history to assess what went wrong in the game. Upon investigating, the streamer realized that a player named Chocovanille (enemy team's support) got boosted to the upper echelons of the ranked ladder.

Tyler1 was taken aback after searching for Chocovanille on Twitter and was hesitant to call her out:

"Nah! Nah! This ain't the same person. Dude, no way. Bro, I don't want to... I don't want to like, be like an a**hole or call people out or anything like that, or anything, you know, bro? But we are surely not going to our Twitter and tweeting, 'After months of grinding, I went through tears of joy and tilt and I have finally reached Masters,' and then posting it like on Twitter!"

He did not hold back and continued to diss the boosted LoL player:

"Come on! Come on, and you're sitting here like, getting your account boosted, duo-queue sniping, you know, having him win trade for you. Come on, bro!"

Tyler1 was shocked to see how the player was not hiding the fact that her account was boosted:

"Like bro, some people try and hide it; just not even hiding it at all. We don't even care. F***ing hell, bro! This s**t's crazy, man."

Reddit reacts to Tyler1's exposé

Tyler's clip was one of the most highly upvoted posts on r/LivestreamFail, with more than 160 providing their take on the situation.

Several Redditors confirmed Chocovanille is a professional coach and manager for the team ImPerium Vancuverii:

Redditor u/k0rm posted that the jungler and the coach/manager of the professional esports team have been fired:

Fans verified that Chocovanille had deleted her social media handle:

Redditors were amused to see Tyler's deductions and analytical skills.

Tyler1 is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, League of Legends content creators on the livestreaming platform. Over the course of his online career, the 27-year-old gamer has racked up more than 9,800 hours of playing and streaming the game on his channel.

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