Twitch streamer YourRAGE gets banned for first time on Twitch

YourRAGE was indefinitely banned from Twitch on June 4 (Image via Sportskeeda)
YourRAGE was indefinitely banned from Twitch on June 4 (Image via Sportskeeda)

Twitch streamer Josh "YourRAGE" was banned from Twitch on June 4.

The automated Twitter account StreamerBans posted an update earlier today and notified the community that the content creator was banned for the first time from the livestreaming platform.

His fanbase was taken aback after suddenly seeing their favorite broadcaster suspended from the purple platform.

Soon enough, they began speculating by stating that YourRAGE was barred because he showed the popular Punk-Rock band Nirvana's album cover art on stream.

YourRAGE addresses situation

Josh provided an update a while after the streaming community was notified about his first ban. In his tweet, the online star confirmed that he was indefinitely suspended, and the reason provided by the Twitch staff was "other Terms of Service violation."

Fans began speculating by asking if it was Nirvana's album cover art that got him suspended:

Fans questioning the streamer's recent ban (Image via Twitter)
Fans questioning the streamer's recent ban (Image via Twitter)

RAGE replied by mentioning that the album cover art wouldn't have been the reason for his ban as Twitch's official mail did not mention n**ity.

Fans react to Twitch streamer's indefinite ban

The internet sensation's surprise ban took various social media platforms like Twitter and Reddit by storm as fans could not stop speculating on the possible reason for his suspension.

One user confirmed that the streamer had been banned indefinitely from the platform.

The update alone elicited more than 200 responses from the viewer base, and several fans were surprised by the news.

Some fans talked about the coincidence of Adin Ross getting unbanned simultaneously as YourRAGE.

An incident involving both streamers happened in April 2022 when Ross seemingly said a homophobic word during the latter's livestream. Josh then defended Adin by stating that it was not him in the clip. Rather it was someone else who was seemingly impersonating Adin.

Some fans on Twitter speculated that the streamer's indefinite ban could be a month-long ban by comparing the situation to Adin Ross.

Fans also talked about the possible reason for the streamer's first Twitch ban.

Reaction threads featuring the content creator's recent ban were featured on r/LivestreamFails. Some fans commented on the nature of the suspensions that Adin Ross and Kai Cenat received.

A few Redditors claimed the ban was racially motivated.

Fans once again speculated on the reason for the content creator's ban.

YourRAGE is a popular Twitch and YouTube figure who began livestreaming on the Amazon-owned platform in 2019. The 24-year-old has mostly streamed in the Just Chatting category and has often played various games over his Twitch career.