Twitch streamer Macailya gets banned for the third time, leaves fans shocked

Twitch streamer Macailya was banned from Twitch on May 4, 2022 (Image via Macailya/Twitter)
Twitch streamer Macailya was banned from Twitch on May 4, 2022 (Image via Macailya/Twitter)

Twitch streamer Macailya was banned from Twitch earlier today. StreamerBans, the automated streamer-ban notification account, provided an update on the streamer's latest ban on June 4, 2022.

❌ Twitch Partner "Macaiyla" (@macawcaw123) has been banned! ❌ #ban #thirdban #partner #twitchpartner 😵

The community was shocked to see the streamer getting banned out of nowhere, and several fans wanted to know the reason for it. The content creator has now been banned for the third time on the livestreaming platform.

Macailya is a controversial and vocal figure who does not shy away from posting questionable content on social media platforms. One of her most recent tweets attracted a lot of negative attention when she tweeted the following:

Really dope man

Macailya addresses her third Twitch ban

A few hours after her ban, the streamer posted an update on her main Twitter handle stating that she had been banned for two weeks and would be appealing her suspension.

My ban is 2 weeks. I will appeal it of course. It was hateful conduct towards a group and NO it was not Koreans/Asians. I am still shocked at the reasoning. If I can, I will talk about it after my suspension. Lets just say, a lot of you will be surprised…Who asked though 🤨

She also confirmed that she was banned for hateful conduct towards a particular group and stated that she was shocked at the reason provided by the platform.

Fans react Twitch streamer Macailya's third ban

The Twitch streamer has been living in South Korea for the past month with her boyfriend Tyler "Tyler1." Tyler1 had moved to South Korea back on May 1, 2022, to commence his "Autofill to Challenger" series and his girlfriend tagged along with him.

The streaming community members were puzzled to see the streamer get banned and pondered on the reason for her most recent suspension. Her ban announcement on Twitter attracted replies from more than 221 fans.

Fans were intrigued to find out if the streamer had been permanently banned from Twitch.

Twitter user CommanderRoot (@CommanderRoot) stated that the streamer was been banned temporarily because she broke the platform's Terms of Service (ToS).

Twitch streamer and Tyler1's brother, Eric "Erobb221" grabbed the opportunity to post a banter-filled reply.

Twitter users were confused by the number of negative reactions towards the streamer and wanted to learn more about her.

@StreamerBans @macawcaw123 what happened and why is everyone so happy this person is banned? I require context

A Twitter user provided some context towards certain streamers making jokes about Macilya getting banned from Twitch.

@surfordie731 @frostedhands @StreamerBans @macawcaw123 No… the people who are happy (Senny, Russel, etc) know Macaiyla and it’s part of her fans who join in on it (like Erobbs community)Idk what you even saving that screenshot that for when she’s said 10x worse in the past 🤣

Some fans were happy to see the streamer getting banned.

@StreamerBans @macawcaw123 finally twitch does something right

The streamer's ban update was the top post on r/LivestreamFail at the time of writing this and more than 550 fans provided their take on the subject. Several Redditors expressed their confusion and wanted to know the reason for the streamer's third ban.

Fans providing their take on the streamer's content (Image via r/LivestreamFail)
Fans providing their take on the streamer's content (Image via r/LivestreamFail)

Redditor u/rzxavier linked the controversial tweet and speculated that the Missouri native would've breached some of the platform's Terms of Service by ranting about her experience in South Korea.

Some fans even spoke about the content creator's past statements.

Macailya is a popular Twitch streamer and content creator who began her online streaming career back in 2019. She currently has more than 300k followers and garners an average viewership of 1K fans per stream.

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