Twitch streamer and YouTuber Kai Cenat has been banned from Twitch for 30 days

Kai Cenat has been banned on Twitch (Images via Kai Cenat/Twitter)
Kai Cenat has been banned on Twitch (Images via Kai Cenat/Twitter)

In an unexpected turn of events earlier today, Kai Cenat, a famous YouTuber and Twitch streamer, was handed a ban on his main Twitch channel that goes by the name ImKaiCenat.

The streamer has been banned for thirty days, which is the longest ban duration for a streamer to get. After a streamer is banned three times in total, the subsequent ban results in a permanent suspension from the platform. This is the third time Kai has been banned on Twitch.

One of the speculated reasons behind the content creator’s ban is allegedly for showing accidental nudity in his livestream. A number of viewers and audiences on Twitter and Reddit have come forward stating this as the main reason for Kai’s month-long suspension.

Fans react to Kai Cenat receiving a 30 day ban on Twitch

After the fans were notified about Kai Cenat’s recent ban, the streamer himself came on Twitter where he shared a partial screenshot of the suspension email that the content creator received. He tweeted out saying “I’m done with this” and also added a hashtag saying #FreeKai.

This is the only response given by the streamer regarding this ban. No concrete reason for his 30 day long suspension has been made clear. More clarification regarding the main reason for his ban might be uncovered in the future.

Fans on multiple social media platforms like Twitter and Reddit were stunned to see the surprisingly long ban period for the streamer. Audiences on Twitter were saddened to hear about this.

According to them, nothing out of bounds happened on Kai’s stream and the 30 day ban period was too harsh.

A number of them tried to trend the topic by mentioning the #FreeKai hashtag.

Viewers on Reddit pondered the actual reason for his ban. Some speculated it was for accidental nudity, whereas some believed the ban was for some hateful comments made by the streamer.

Many were surprised by the fact that Kai received a thirty-day long suspension.

Kai Cenat is a hugely popular YouTuber who has a massive following of 1.94 million subscribers with total views of 144 million on his channel. He is a part of a gamer and influencer group on YouTube called AMP where he jointly collaborates with other content creators like ImDavisss, Fanum, Agent 00 and Duke Dennis.

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