Twitch suspends popular paid boost feature after users promote banned content on the front page

Twitch suspends the popular paid boost feature (Image via- Sportskeeda)
Twitch suspends the popular paid boost feature (Image via- Sportskeeda)
Vitasta Singh

Twitch recently put a pause on its popular paid boost feature, 'Boost this stream,' after getting exploited by many users. Back in 2020, the purple platform experimented with a brand new boosting feature that mainly allowed streamers to boost their streams by paying some extra to have it on the site's front page.

Naturally, this new feature got a lot of limelight in a short period of time with many users using it to pop their streams on people's recommendation pages. Even top streamers like xQc weren't in support of this feature since it was launched.

As expected, the feature is now being exploited by many users to promote banned content on the site's homepage. Recently. The feature came under scrutiny once again after being exploited by NSFW content.

Twitch finally bannes the paid boost feature

A couple of days ago, users began raising some serious issues on Twitter as well Reddit regarding this controversial feature. The majority of Twitch users shared snapshots of the NSFW stream with topless women. The banned content on the site's homepage created a lot of drama on other social media platforms, including Twitter.

In particular, a user shared a snapshot of her homepage on Twitter. The tweet can be viewed here. It contains an NSFW image and hence viewer discretion is advised.

Another user shared a similar experience.

This promoted twitch channel reward thing was a great idea

The purple platform user was quite shocked to see a thumbnail of topless women in the recommendation section, along with an indication that they have been promoted by the paid boost feature. Clearly, the user was quite disappointed with the purple platform for not taking immediate action on something like this in the first place.

Unsurprisingly, the tweet soon went viral on Twitter with hundreds of comments and likes within a few hours. Later on, the real culprit was banned from the purple platform along with a swift action on the feature.

@thenoosh22 @Twitch The channel is already banned y’all, you can call off the witch hunt. And this is a boost train, not simply paid promotion. Any one of you that received this perk would be pleased to do so. Stop acting so high and mighty about it.

However, the purple platform has now decided to disable the feature for clear reasons. There is no indication that Twitch has banned this ever-growing feature for good. Which begs the most crucial question of whether the boost feature will make its way to the purple platform in the near future.

Even if it does, it will be pretty interesting to see what security features the purple platform will employ to save it from being exploited again. However, evidently even if the controversial feature gets pretty strong security mechanisms, users will find a way or another to exploit it again, as they have been doing for a while now.

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