Twitch 'Boost this stream' feature explained: Is it bad for the platform and streamers?

Twitch's latest 'Boost This Stream' feature is not a fan-favorite (Image via Sportskeeda)
Twitch's latest 'Boost This Stream' feature is not a fan-favorite (Image via Sportskeeda)
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Twitch has several new features in the works to regain its popularity in the streaming community. Given the success #ADayOffTwitch movement and the notable exit of many streamers from the platform, Twitch has upgraded several features to help protect its streamers.

The effects of #ADayOffTwitch were decimating (Image via u/PeanutButterNachos on Reddit)
The effects of #ADayOffTwitch were decimating (Image via u/PeanutButterNachos on Reddit)

With that in mind, developers introduced the 'Boost this stream' feature, wherein the platform allows its viewers to pay to promote a stream to prominent parts of Twitch.

However, the community does not seem pleased with this new feature.

What is the new Twitch 'Boost this stream' feature?

The "Boost this stream" feature allows viewers to pay to promote specific streams to more visible parts of the platform. The platform introduced this feature and explained it in detail via an official blog post.

This feature was earlier available in December 2020 in the Community Challenge, where viewers can use the Channel Points earned from viewing a specific channel to promote a stream. This time viewers will have to pay real money to promote the stream.

Twitch is going to be doing a test with a small group of streamers to make "Boost this Stream" a paid feature.#TwitchNews

The feature is currently being tested with a small group of streamers and, if successful, will be implemented across the site. However, it seems like Twitch users are not in favor of this new addition and request that the site not proceed with the implementation.

Twitch users believe that this feature will make visibility for smaller streamers more difficult since viewers would like to promote the streams of their favorites, who are most likely already significant.

Paid channel boosting is a thoughtless, cold corporate idea that banks on whoever has the biggest wallets in a community to boost a streamer’s visibility over others. It’s mobile gaming levels of scummy. This further dilutes Twitch’s original culture. @twitch.
Absolutely terrible. Please do not do this feature @Twitch. It's hard for me to think of positives here. Smaller streamers are struggling to be discovered which makes it challenging to grow and make enough money. Boosts feel like a new penalty for already struggling streamers…
Twitch is testing the ability for you or your viewers to pay to boost your stream to more viewers...I feel like dis bad

Others suggested that this feature might compel struggling streamers to put money into their streams just for it to stand a chance of even being visible on the platform.

@JakeSucky I really hope there is a way for people to shut this off. This is the worst money grab I've seen from Twitch. I can see creators trying to dump money into their own stream for the CHANCE of making it. This is such a bad take from twitch.

This move is also being called a pay-to-win move since streamers who have a wallet-heavy audience will gain more viewers than struggling streamers.

@JakeSucky The world is constantly moving closer to the pay to win aspect in order to be successful.

What's more surprising is that none of the money that viewers pay to promote a creator's stream will even go to the streamer. Therefore, it is obvious why the community is panning this feature as nothing more than a money-making gimmick by the platform.

Twitch is now experimenting with a new feature that allows viewers to boost streamers by paying for recommendationsPay money to get more views...And better yet, NONE of this money will go to the creator...Discoverability is NOT a feature that should be held behind a paywall

After the platform's steps to combat hate-raids and protect streamers, this attempt at a money-making gimmick did not sit well with the streaming community. Most believe that this move is terrible for streamers and the platform. However, only time will tell if the Amazon-owned platform will go through with implementing this feature.

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