Twitter is overrun with nostalgia as fans say The Weeknd's Super Bowl performance had major 'Michael Jackson vibes'

The Weeknd gets compared to Michael Jackson at Super Bowl performance (Image Via Sportskeeda)
The Weeknd gets compared to Michael Jackson at Super Bowl performance (Image Via Sportskeeda)

On Sunday, The Weekend performed on one of the US's largest stages during the Super Bowl 55 halftime show. Twitter was overrun with Michael Jackson nostalgia as fans compared the contemporary RnB/Soul artist's Super Bowl performance to that of the late pop star.

The Super Bowl halftime show is arguably the most anticipated moments during the game. The competition has been around since 1967 and an estimated 60 million people tuned in for the first broadcast. This exhibition is one of the most-watched annual events in the US.

The 30-year-old sensation delivered a mesmerizing halftime show that left some fans comparing his performance to that of the legendary Jackson. His production and outfit even appeared to pay homage to the late pop star.

In addition to his amazing show, The Weeknd left Netizens in splits as memes of the superstar, moving about frantically, began flooding Twitter.

Meanwhile, Jackson's hardcore fans took to the platform to remember the legendary performance of the pop-culture sensation at the 1993 Superbowl.

Who is Michael Jackson?

While some fans compared The Weeknd's concert to Jackson's, others had a different opinion.

In 1993, Jackson, aka the King of Pop, turned the Superbowl halftime show into an extravaganza. Before that, the halftime show was mostly an afterthought. College marching bands were usually the main attraction of halftime shows.

Jackson raised the bar after his performance, which led to the event's entertainment factor being propelled to new heights. He began his set by being ejected onto the stage from below and remained standing still for 90 seconds while fans cheered and basked in his glory.

The 1993 Super Bowl halftime performance remains the most-watched halftime show. It is one of the highest-rated telecasts of all time, with 133 million tuning in.

However, some extreme fans took to Twitter to shut down those who drew comparisons between The Weeknd and The King of Pop.

Here's what a few tweets said,

Esport x Superbowl

Among the many attendees of this year's Superbowl there was popular Esports personality Matthew Haag aka Nadeshot. Prior to the playoffs, he had hinted on Twitter that he may be featured in one of the commercials.

Here's a video of the commercial:

Turner Tenney, aka Tfue, a popular Fortnite streamer, was present at the event.

It's no secret that the gap between Esports and real-world sports is slowly closing. As time progresses, more Esports players are going to be making headlines.

After dropping a teaser a few days ago, Dr. Disrespect recently confirmed a massive partnership deal with FanDuel.

The larger-than-life streamer already has a handful of partnerships, including MTN DEW, Game Fuel, Turtle Beach, Scuf, and ROCCAT. The future of Esports indeed looks bright, as more gamers come out into the spotlight.

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