“Thank you Riot”: Tyler1 receives a special gift from Riot Games after reaching challenger rank in five roles

Tyler1 receives a hearty gift from Riot Games (Images via Tyler1/Twitch)
Tyler1 receives a hearty gift from Riot Games (Images via Tyler1/Twitch)

Tyler “Tyler1” recently became one of the first streamers on Twitch to reach the highest rank of Challenger while playing different roles present in the game. League of Legends is a Massively Online Battle Arena (MOBA) that comprises different roles and actions.

Tyler managed to rank from the lowest ranks and has reached the ultimate pinnacle of the game over the last two years. His latest challenge consisted of him playing the Support role, whose main objective is to facilitate his teammates and help them with the macro aspects of the game.

After becoming a Challenger Support player, the streamer received tons of praise and support from his fans and audience. Riot Games showed their appreciation for the streamer by giving him a special Challenger Plaque. Tyler responded to the gesture by saying:

“Thank you, Riot.”

Tyler1 reaches Challenger rank after months playing the support role in League of Legends

VOD for the clip starts at 00:15:26

Tyler1 kicked off his yearly challenge back in 2020 when he dared himself to reach the Challenger role, playing one of the hardest roles in the game - Jungle. He is known as one of the best Draven players in the North American server and easily managed to reach the Challenger rank as an Attack Damage Carry (ADC).

It took him almost the entire season to reach the highest rank playing as Jungle, after which he transitioned to Top lane. Soon after he was done with all the roles, he started with the Support challenge earlier this year when Season 12 of the ranked ladder opened up.

Since the 2022 season, Tyler has easily managed to rank up and play a support role. He constantly mentioned how easy the role was and joked a lot about the same. On February 19, 2022, The Run of Challenger series officially concluded when the American streamer peaked playing as Nautilus.

During a recent stream, he unboxed a container shipped to him by Riot Games. To his surprise, he noticed that it was a Challenger Plaque that congratulated his astonishing efforts. Showing it to his audience, the streamer said:

“I don’t know bro. You know what, I kinda like it. I kinda like it dude. It’s special and its unique.”

He went on to thank the developers for their hearty gesture. He then continued his statement by poking a bit of fun at them by saying:

“You (Riot Games) better f***ing clip this and save it because I will never say it again, ever in my life! I appreciate it. Thank you guys. But, I am the goddamned greatest of all time. I mean, I deserve it to be honest.”

He then quickly finished off the introduction to his stream and hopped into the League client to start the first game of the day. As usual, he queued as support and played his first game as Pyke.

Fans react to Tyler1 receiving a gift from Riot Games

Audiences were ecstatic to see Riot Games reaching out to the streamer and expressing their appreciation. Fans also joked about how Riot Games should give Tyler a new microphone and compressor.

Tyler1 is a 26-year-old American content creator and Twitch streamer. He is primarily known for his League of Legends gameplay and occasionally plays a wide variety of games.

He was previously ID banned (permanent suspension) from the game due to his insanely toxic personality. But ever since he reformed his behavior, Tyler has become one of the biggest League of Legends streamers on Twitch.

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