“This is a goodbye stream” - Valkyrae bids farewell before leaving for Japan with OfflineTV crew

Valkyrae will be visiting Japan and South Korea this month (Image via Valkyrae/Twitter)
Valkyrae will be visiting Japan and South Korea this month (Image via Valkyrae/Twitter)

YouTube Gaming star Rachell "Valkyrae" made a surprising announcement last month, saying that she is going to Japan with the OfflineTV crew this July.

Valkyrae bid farewell to her fans during a recent livestream. The 100 Thieves co-owner also explained that she was not prepared to travel to Japan because she had been feeling overwhelmed for the past several days.

Before revealing that she will be gone for three weeks, the streamer said:

"Anyways, this is a goodbye stream. Uh... well... goodbye, I mean, this is it. Okay. I'm overwhelmed. I'm not ready to go on the trip! I'm not ready to go to Japan. I'm not, I'm simply not ready."

Valkyrae talks about her upcoming Japan trip


In the live stream, Valkyrae spoke about her hectic schedule and claimed that she has been feeling overwhelmed. She revealed:

"I feel very overwhelmed. I've been partying for the past week. Finally, the parties are over. We did Anime Expo, There's OTV party, where was the CB party, there was the Mogul Money, there was a Fourth of July 100T content creator house thing and it was just a lot of socializing. I've never touched that much grass in my life. I think I touched about a thousand grasses."

After learning that the YouTuber would be gone for three weeks, fans began to express how much they would miss her.

Rae confirmed that she will continue streaming, but only on the channels of other content creators:

"Okay listen, no, no, listen. I'm still going to be here. I'm just going to be on other people's channels. Yeah, in Japan, there's going to be a lot of people streaming, probably and I will be on those people's streams. Whoever is streaming on the trip, I will be on it."

The streamer then revealed that she will be going to South Korea with 10 other content creators after her trip to Japan:

"There's two different trips that I'm doing. There is the OTV and Friends Japan trip which is two weeks and then one week in Korea with some friends, like, 10 of us."

Fans react to the streamer's goodbye

Fans in the YouTube comment section were excited to see Rae's content in Japan.

Fans discussing Rae's clip (Shrimp Funny/YouTube)
Fans discussing Rae's clip (Shrimp Funny/YouTube)

Last month, OfflineTV's co-founder and former League of Legends pro William "Scarra" revealed that OTV members will be flying out to Japan this month along with other well-known streaming personalities.