"I feel like you'd be bad at SpeedRunners" - Valkyrae forgets to mute her mic and ends up roasting Ludwig

Valkyrae "accidentally" roasts Ludwig during a recent livestream (Images via Valkyrae and Ludwig/Twitter)
Valkyrae "accidentally" roasts Ludwig during a recent livestream (Images via Valkyrae and Ludwig/Twitter)

YouTube Gaming stars Rachell "Valkyrae," and Ludwig got together during a recent live stream, and the duo planned on playing various games together.

Last month, on May 21, Ludwig called up the 100 Thieves co-founder to ask if she was free to join a two-hour livestream called Bros. versus Bros.

After she agreed to join the special broadcast, the latter made another appearance on Ludwig's channel earlier today to play games like Valorant, SpeedRunners, Marbles on Stream, and Battleships.

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As the content creators brainstormed various games that they could potentially play, Valkyrae suggested that they could try SpeedRunners. After suggesting the game, she ended up roasting Ludwig by saying:

"I feel like you'd be bad at SpeedRunners."

Valkyrae ruthlessly roasts Ludwig during a recent livestream


The streamers were having a merry time during a recent stream and spent their initial moments deciding which games they could play. Rae hilariously suggested playing a round of 1 v 1 of The Game of Life:

"Look I'm down, I mean we can 1v1 in The Game of Life."

Ludwig was puzzled to hear the YouTube Gaming sensation's suggestion and replied:

"Dude! Dude, really? That's your game, show that you're a gamer, is The Game of Life?"

Rae hit back at Ludwig by asking if he was not good at "lifeing." The latter's response was:

"No, I'm dogs**t at life. I have a hole in my chest, what do you mean? Everything's going bad for me."

A few moments later, the Streamer of the Year glanced at the Los Angeles native's YouTube Gaming Live chatroom to understand which game would be suitable for her:

"I'm just reading your chat trying find like, a resemblance of a game that you're good at. According to them."

Valkyrae mentioned that she is good at SpeedRunners, and they can try that game out. SpeedRunners is a fast-paced multiplayer 2D game where players participate in an intense speed-running competition filled with many obstacles and challenges. Players can use weapons to gain an advantage and outplay others.

Ludwig said he was down to play the game but confessed that he was not very good at it. Rae ended up roasting Ludwig, speculating that he would be terrible at the game.

After hearing what the Queen of YouTube Gaming had to say, Ludwig replied:

"Okay, why would you say that out loud? There's a mute button, you know?"

Rae laughed and claimed that she had forgotten to mute the mic. Ludwig sent a list of playable games to Valkyrae, and both continued with the gameplay-focused stream.

Fans react to the streamers' conversation

A dozen fan replies were in the YouTube comment section, and fans loved the banter-oriented conversation between the streamers.

Fans reacting to the streamers' conversation (Image via Shrimpkkuno/YouTube)
Fans reacting to the streamers' conversation (Image via Shrimpkkuno/YouTube)

Fans wanted to know about the statement Ludwig made about him having a hole in his chest. Some fans clarified his medical condition and elaborated more about it.

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