“You’re a gamer?”- Valkyrae’s savage roast completely destroys Ludwig

Ludwig and Valkyrae indulged in some light-hearted banter during a recent stream (Images via LudwigAhgren and Valkyrae/Twitter)
Ludwig and Valkyrae indulged in some light-hearted banter during a recent stream (Images via LudwigAhgren and Valkyrae/Twitter)

On May 20, YouTube Gaming stars Rachell "Valkyrae" and Ludwig Ahgren jumped on a call to have a discussion.

Ludwig shared some information regarding his new venture and streaming series called Bro versus Bro and asked the Queen of YouTube Gaming if she was interested in participating in his new project.

After mentioning that the event will feature games like chess and other video games, Valkyrae roasted Ludwig by asking one simple question, leaving the latter in shambles:

"You're a gamer?"

Valkyrae asks Ludwig a simple question and ends up roasting him

Fans were amazed to see the former Twitch streamer getting in touch with the YouTube Gaming sensation live on stream. Ludwig called Rae to discuss his upcoming event and invite her.

He started the conversation by revealing that he planned to host a two-hour-long special livestream with chess and other gaming-oriented content. He revealed that he was naming the event Bro versus Bro.

"I have a perfect two-hour stream for you filled with chess and pog (Twitch emoticon) tent. It's called 'Bro versus Bro.'"
I became a co-owner of 100thieves a year ago :’) time is flying!!

The 100 Thieves co-owner was puzzled to hear the interesting name and asked if she was a bro:

"Okay, and... are you... or... am I the bro, and you're the bro?"

Ludwig took this opportunity to engage in some light-hearted banter with her by saying:

"You are faster than I would have thought, honestly. That is correct! Yeah."

Rae laughed and was intrigued to learn what the event entailed. Ludwig answered her:

"We are trying to find out who between us is the better gamer."

Hearing Ludwig's proposition, the 30-year-old female gamer asked him if he was a gamer. Ludwig face-palmed and replied to her roast:

"I'm going to lose my mind. I'm one of the best gamers in the world!"

He then talked about his past experience as a Super Smash Bros. professional and went over some of his gaming achievements:

"Chess, a Super Smash Bros. former professional, okay? My Valorant is kind of good, and I'm gold ranked."

Valkyrae acknowledged Ludwig's accolades and agreed that he was a good Valorant player:

"That is true. You actually were kind of good at Valo when we played. That one time a long time ago."

The back and forth between the YouTubers came to an end when Ludwig made a sly remark directed at Valkyrae:

"Okay, all right, miss 8,000 hours into Fortnite and Among Us and nothing else."

Fans react to the streamers' conversation

The YouTube comment section was bustling with fan reactions. Many were inspired by Rae's roast and went hard on Ludwig with insults of their own.

Fans react to the exchange (Images via Shrimpkkuno/YouTube)
Fans react to the exchange (Images via Shrimpkkuno/YouTube)

This is not the first time the content creators have collaborated for a gaming event. Back in March, Ludwig hosted his first-ever Fortnite Mondays, which featured several popular Twitch and YouTube Gaming streamers. Rae participated in the event by joining a team headed by Imane "Pokimane."

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