Warzone player heckles and burns hacker for cheating in Verdansk

(Image via Activision)
(Image via Activision)

Call of Duty Warzone is currently hosting Season 4 Reloaded and things have not been great for the title. Hackers, bugs, exploits and broken weapons have all come together and ruined the experience for genuine players in the community.

Warzone continues to be the most popular Battle Royale title but is without an active anti-cheat system. Every major multiplayer game has one, but Activision seems adamant when it comes to cheating issues on Warzone and does not want to install an anti-cheat in the game.

Players get irritated because even after the massive ban waves that Raven Software and Activision carry out periodically, the hackers simply come back with another profile. Close to 2 million profiles have been banned in Warzone. Nonetheless, every day the number of hackers is only increasing, and not otherwise.

Raven Software even proved to be inefficient with its bans after players discovered that a hacker was live streaming on Twitch after the ban wave. Twitch banned the user, but there is no intel about what happened to his Warzone account.

With legit players getting desperate for a good time in Verdansk amidst the cheaters, it was about time some took things into their own hands.

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Warzone cheater gets the "Riot" shield treament

A player posted on Reddit about how he tackled a hacker in his lobby. After getting killed by the hacker via quickscopes, the player came back to verdansk by winning the Gulag fight.

He then headed towards the area the hacker was sniping from. Along the way he picked up Diamatti pistols and Riot Shield from his loadout. Locating the hacker, he used the Riot shield to protect himself from the bullets and threw a thermite on the hacker when he was reloading.

After a few moments, the hacker was dead and justice had been served. At the end of the video, the player even showed how this hacker had dropped 30 kills in the game. It all made the treatment towards the hacker worth it.

Here's hoping Activision takes this issue far more seriously and handles the worsening situation in Warzone.

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