Warzone Season 5 update on September 2 heavily nerfs the Serpentine perk

Warzone September 2 update heavily nerfs Serpentine (Image via Activision/Edited by Sportskeeda))
Warzone September 2 update heavily nerfs Serpentine (Image via Activision/Edited by Sportskeeda))

A small update for Call of Duty: Warzone Season 5 has gone live and caused some interesting changes to the community's favorite battle royale title.

The most interesting change that has been introduced is a massive nerf to the Serpentine perk. That's right, this hated perk has received another nerf and the playerbase can hope that it will be enough to finally balance this perk to an acceptable limit.


The Warzone update also announced the start of Operation: Last Call, which is a limited-time event in which players will decide the fate of Caldera. Along with this, the update has also introduced new gameplay and quality-of-life changes. The developers have applied several fixes to the bugs that have been creating nuisance in the game.

Warzone September 2 update reduces Serpentine perk's duration, changes when it can be activated

The Serpentine is regarded as the most hated perk in the title. It reduces the amount of incoming damage to the player's health pool by 15% when they are sprinting.

Many will feel quite frustrated and helpless when they see a small snake icon pop on top of their opponents' heads and watch them sprint away to safety, despite being on the brink of death.


Before the arrival of the September 2 update, this perk cound be triggered by both standard movement and sprint. As such, it was quite good at letting players sprint away to safety. However, the latest update has caused the Serpentine perk to be triggered only during the tactical sprint.

As such, players now have a small window of five to seven seconds, which is the duration of the tactical sprint, to be able to enjoy the benefit of damage reduction from the Serpentine perk.

Thus, the playerbase will be hoping that the hated snake icon will now pop on top of the head of their enemies on fewer instances and that they will be able to achieve more consistent knockdowns and eliminations.

More changes introduced to Warzone by the September 2 update

In addition to nerfing the Serpentine perk, this Warzone update has also brought about other changes. The recently added Supply Box UAV will no longer highlight the Resurgence Supply boxes, which are common spawns, and will only do so with the best supply boxes on the map.

In addition to this, Gas Masks will now appear in the first slot of the Quick Inventory Menu for easier access to players who are using the manual toggle. This will decrease the time taken by such players to don the it during combat.