"We won't have anywhere near the attendance": Twitch CEO Dan Clancy gives reasons for not hosting TwitchCon Asia

Twitch CEO Dan Clancy says TwitchCon Asia is not viable (Image via Dan Clancy/X)
Twitch CEO Dan Clancy says TwitchCon Asia is not viable (Image via Dan Clancy/X)

The CEO of Twitch, Dan Clancy, recently provided the reasons the Amazon-owned company is not open to hosting TwitchCon Asia in the style of the current European and North American events. With the Rotterdam convention drawing near, Dan answered questions from Japanese streamers in a recent IRL stream from Tokyo. They asked him about the prospects of an Asian version of the gathering.

For those unaware, the Twitch conventions for the year 2024 have already been announced with the first one happening in the Netherlands on June 29. The San Diego gathering is slated to start on September 20.

One of the many reasons that Dan Clancy gave for not having the convention in Tokyo or Melbourne was low projected attendance. He said:

"We couldn't do it the same way as we do, 'cause we wouldn't have anywhere near the attendance that you get at North America TwitchCon."

"It needs to fit the country": Dan Clancy explains why TwitchCon Asia is not a thing

Clancy took over Twitch as its Chief Executive Officer in March 2023 after co-founder Emmett Shear announced that he would be stepping down from the top job. Since then, Dan has been quite forthcoming in his interactions with the community, happy to explain things and answer questions.

Dan Clancy has been consistently streaming on his channel for some time now. In a recent IRL broadcast where he was traveling around Tokyo, the CEO was asked about a hypothetical TwitchCon in Asia or Oceania, seeing as Europe and North America have their annual conventions.

Dan was quite frank in his answer and listed several obstacles to doing a pan-continental convention. He pointed out that non-English-speaking fans and language barriers would be a problem, saying:

"Most of the people that show up there didn't speak English, right?"

He went on to say that the event would have to fit the country, but that would pose problems for international travelers. He stated:

"It needs to fit the country because it's not just the streamers but also viewers. It's unlikely that viewers from Taiwan or Melbourne are going to want to travel to Tokyo. Because it will be viewed as a Japan TwitchCon, and if we went to Australia, it would be viewed as an Australia TwitchCon, not for a Japanese fan. It's also a long way. It's not like Australia is close."

It seems fans looking for a pan-Asian streamer convention like those in North America or Europe will have to wait as the Twitch CEO seems quite sure about something like that not working.

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