"We get buried behind Roblox and Minecraft": Dr Disrespect unhappy with underperforming streams on YouTube

(Image via YouTube)
(Image via YouTube)
Avhinandan Chakraborty

Twitch might have banned Dr Disrespect but the Two-Time is still having a hard time getting over the platform. A year has passed since Dr Disrespect was banned on the Amazon platform, and since then he has never revealed why he was banned in the first place.

During his initial months on YouTube, Dr Disrespect was all over the platform, speaking in elevated glory about how he would unleash the Champions Club empire on the new platform. However, the man has grown sinister in his approach, and his viewers often find him brick-batting YouTube for his stunted and slow growth on the platform. Dr Disrespect might have 3.24 million subscribers, but it is still less than the 4 million follows he had on Twitch. It's clear that Doc wanted to grow bigger on YouTube since the Twitch ban, but it simply hasn't panned out.

Dr Disrespect points out where YouTube is going wrong with streaming

Last night during his regular streaming, Doc started complaining about how easy Twitch makes it for content creators to get followers.

You don't even have to try on Twitch. 50 thousand people watching [a streamer] him watching other people play solo games who suck. Like you don't even have to try on Twitch!"

This is not the first time Dr Disrespect has complained about streaming on YouTube. He has previously commented on how there is no live streaming community on YouTube and how that lack of a community is the reason for content creators' stunted growth.

Dr Disrespect is not happy with streaming on YouTube (Image via YouTube)
Dr Disrespect is not happy with streaming on YouTube (Image via YouTube)
Unfortunately that is how it is. I hope YouTube does something man. There has got to be a streaming network man, that has built-in tools and super-interactive. That’s what streaming is. It’s a live stream. You are able to interact within the second. A whole set of tools should be built just on that concept. I don’t know, man. We don’t even have clips. There isn’t a live-streaming community on YouTube that is healthy and is thriving.

In his latest stream Dr Disrespect again went back to complaining about how many things he has to do regularly to just keep up with the algorithm on YouTube.

On YouTube, I gotta like reach out to my team. I gotta make a whole bunch of calls. 'What's the algorithm today?' I gotta um.. set up a thumbnail, I gotta set up keywords and hashtags and we still get buried behind Roblox and Minecraft and we are pushed to the side. We are pushed all the way deep down into this wannabe live streaming infrastructure that they [YouTube] have.

Will YouTube change up a few things, or has the Doc just landed in more trouble with another streaming platform? Champions Club will have to patiently wait to find out. Meanwhile, fans hope that Dr Disrespect will continue streaming Warzone with ZLaner as there is nothing more entertaining about Verdansk at the moment.

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