What is Kaiju Kingz? Exploring $100k donation to Ryan Trahan's 1 penny challenge

Kaiju Kingz donated $100,000 to Ryan Trahan's 1 penny 1 million meals challenge (Image via Sportskeeda)
Kaiju Kingz donated $100,000 to Ryan Trahan's 1 penny 1 million meals challenge (Image via Sportskeeda)

Ryan Trahan has been making waves in the YouTube community with his recent 1 penny 1 million meals challenge, especially because of big donors such as Kaiju Kingz.

A big reason why the series has gained such traction with netizens is that Ryan is taking the opportunity to raise money for the NGO Feeding America. It is an organization that provides relief to starving people through numerous food banks, soup kitchens, and shelters, and it operates throughout the country.

Many significant donations have been made towards the cause as Ryan travels from the West to the East Coast to deliver a penny to YouTube star MrBeast within a month. On June 16, the NFT collective Kaiju Kingz announced that they are donating 1 million meals to the cause with a whopping $100k donation.

But who are the Kaiju Kingz, and what is their deal? Let's dig deep into the world of tokenization and Ethereum Metaverse to look for some answers.

We are proud to work with @RyanTrahan and @FeedingAmerica to donate 1,000,000 meals to children and families in need.Promoting change through charitable donations has been a huge passion of our team and we are happy to join in this fight.

Who are the Kaiju Kingz, donors of 100 grand to Ryan Trahan's Feeding America fundraiser?

Briefly, Kaiju Kingz is a collection of more than 3000 item profile picture projects in the form of pixelated kaiju NFTs created by Augmented labs. According to official lore, the tokenized kaijus live on the Ethereum blockchain and, like kaijus in science fiction, protect their respective Metaverse.


Their donation of $100k came on Day 15 of Ryan's trip across America, and the YouTuber was overjoyed. When he set out, his target was to raise a hundred thousand dollars for charity, which would convert into a million meals, thus the name: 1 penny 1 million meals.

Feeding America pledges that they can provide ten meals per $1 donated. It was the end of another day in the challenge for Ryan, and it was time for him to look at the day's donations:

"It is wild in here, but it's time to check on our donations for the Feeding America fundraiser. As I said, it is quite late, and I apologize for any lack of energy right now."

He was shocked when he checked the donations, which restored his energy.

"Never mind, sorry, I'm gonna just take a breather quickly. What? What!?"

Ryan could not believe that more than one person had already donated more than he expected. He had to walk around to contain his excitement at an airport before thanking the donor profusely:

"Kaiju Kingz donated $100,000. I don't even know what to say. My entire goal for the series was $100,000. That's the second 100,000 donation! Oh my gosh. Kaiju Kingz, thank you. Incredible generosity, I'm just so grateful."

The NFT collection of more than 3,000 kaijus does have a big heart. Their conceptualization is also pretty neat. They create a token community that will, in the future, ride their personal kaijus in towns on the Metaverse as development progresses.

πŸ¦–xπŸ΄β€β˜ οΈ

Each Genesis Kaiju, the original 3,333 kaijus offered by Augmented Labs, generates five tokens per day, which can be used to name and even create custom roles for each unique beast. And much like Pokemon breeding, the Kaijus can be bred to create one of 6,666 mutant kaijus, each with unique random powers to flaunt.

Last month, they even "minted" scientists for the Metaverse to complement the Kaiju lore.

Scientist Mint has closed:Over 50,000 Scientists Minted πŸ₯ΌOver 18,000 Combat Training Completed πŸ¦–$7.11 Average Gas CostπŸͺ™Welcome to the Lab.

Twitter reacts to donation

Who would not appreciate a donation to a food charity? Both Ryan and NFT enthusiasts supported the donation, commending the donor's generosity.

The $100,000 donation means Ryan has to get a tattoo of the donor's choosing, and some tweeted about the prospect of him getting a Kaiju Kingz tattoo.

@KaijuKingz @RyanTrahan @FeedingAmerica This is amazing! Congrats @ohDotss and the team !!!
@KaijuKingz @RyanTrahan @FeedingAmerica Mad respect! You should definitely let him get a Kaiju Kingz tattoo πŸ€™

Ryan just uploaded his penultimate video of the series on his YouTube channel. With one day left, the fundraiser has already raised more than $1.3 million for the cause.

The YouTuber has come a long way in overcoming great resets and other obstacles on his way to delivering his penny to MrBeast. Here's to hoping he makes it in time.

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