“You can do it”- Fans react as MrBeast 'Great Resets' Ryan Trahan

MrBeast 'Great Resets' Ryan Trahan (Image via- RyanTrahan, MrBeast/Instagram, Twitter)
MrBeast 'Great Resets' Ryan Trahan (Image via- RyanTrahan, MrBeast/Instagram, Twitter)

Ryan Trahan, a budding YouTuber, is getting massive traction on his official channel. The content creator has been drawing eyes from all corners of the internet. He has garnered millions of views, all thanks to his extreme budgeting skills and the road trip he has taken to impress Jimmy "MrBeast" himself.

However, just like MrBeast's challenging tasks, things aren't as simple and straightforward as they might look. To achieve his goal, the YouTuber has set some ground rules that he has to follow no matter what.

And that's precisely what Ryan is doing right now as Jimmy 'great resets' him to make proceedings more interesting. Read on to learn everything about Ryan's ultimate mission.

MrBeast 'Great resets' Ryan Trahan, making him start all over again from $0.01

Content creation is all about making quality content for the viewers. Some prominent names in the content creation world are accruing millions of views on their videos within a few hours.

More interestingly, though, a new name has been rising in the ranks, making his way to the top with his small-budget videos. The name in question is none other than Ryan Trahan. The YouTuber is on a mission to meet Jimmy throughout his challenge-filled road trip.


In order to complete his challenge and spice things up, the YouTuber has set some ground rules for himself. Though the first and second rules are quite normal, the third one makes everything fun and thrilling for the viewers.

To put it simply, 'The Great Resets' is a ground rule in which if someone donates or Trahan reaches $50,000 in the fundraiser, he would have to give up all the profit and start again from $0.01.

That's not the most important part of it though. With MrBeast getting involved, things have started taking a wild turn.


So, to spice things up a bit, MrBeast donated $50,000 to his fundraiser and by going with the rule, Ryan Trahan now has to start all over again with just $0.01. Taking to his official Twitter handle, Trahan revealed that the prominent YouTuber has donated $50,000 to his fundraiser, prompting him to restart with $0.01.

Interestingly, Jimmy had a rather interesting reply. The YouTuber hilariously responded:

@RyanTrahan I might again in two days

Fans react to 'The Great Reset' by MrBeast

As expected, viewers are absolutely loving the little drama around 'The Great Reset' ground rule. While the majority support Ryan in his mission, a handful of users want more difficulty in his challenging road trip tasks.

All in all, viewers are hooked on Ryan's channel for constant updates regarding his ongoing mission.

Here are some of the responses from viewers:

@RyanTrahan @MrBeast Don’t worry Ryan like you said you’re a legend and you can recover and outsmart everyone, you can do it !! 🤍
@RyanTrahan @MrBeast Me when the Great Reset absolves all matter in the observable universe and beyond compacting my body to the mere size of a proton and condensing it into a point of infinite mass along with every other quark in the universe
@RyanTrahan @MrBeast You have have a chipotle gift card...what more can you want? Your still on top man 😂
@RyanTrahan @MrBeast Hey Ryan Im enjoying the content you are creating and support the cause 100%. Hey I'm in Denver if you need a place to get a refresher lmk
@RyanTrahan @MrBeast You got it Ryan don’t give up! You doing this challenge gives me something to look forward to! Also could you make the videos longer? I really hate when they end!
@RyanTrahan @MrBeast I have $54k and nothing to do with it...
@hhd4spurs @RyanTrahan @MrBeast Shouldn’t your 100k Dono been a reset?
@RyanTrahan @MrBeast Just @MrBeast can just give 50.000 to someone and call them a loser lol
@RyanTrahan why do i feel like this isn’t the only time he’s gonna do it too 🤣🤣
@RyanTrahan @MrBeast THE ORIGINAL GREAT RESET THREAT HAS COME TRUE. BROOOOO. Can’t wait for episode 16 or 17, or whichever one is going to have this insane moment in it 😂
@RyanTrahan @MrBeast I want to see a paul dodds vs mrbeast donation battle
@RyanTrahan @MrBeast donating 5000000 penies to stop you from giving him 1 pennydoesn't make sensebut it will make cent

With all the hype around his challenge, it's clear that Ryan is trying his level best to provide quality content to his viewers.

Evidently, Ryan Trahan has something big going for him and viewers are excited to see how his road trip will turn out, firmly placing him on the right track to YouTube success.

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