What is Kick's Creator Program? Platform's new payout system for streamers explored

Exploring what Kick
Exploring what Kick's Creator Program is (Image via Kick.com)

Kick, the Stake-backed livestreaming platform, has announced the launch of the Creator Program, a new payout system for streamers. They posted a social media update on August 15, 2023, revealing the "first class" of the incentive program. It reads:

"'The greatest days of live streaming are still to come. The greatest live content is still to be produced. The greatest streamers are still yet to do their first stream.' - Eddie. This is The First Class of the Kick Creator Incentive Program."

In an exclusive conversation with Sportskeeda, Kick co-founder Ed "Eddie" Craven claimed that the Creator Program would surpass anything seen so far. He stated:

"The team are always looking at how best to continue driving forward. Our launch so far has made some real shockwaves in the industry. Where we go will be determined by the kind of content people want to create, share and talk about, and I, for one, am extremely excited to see what the next chapter holds. We’re currently drafting our Creator Programme that I fully expect to blow the doors off anything you've seen so far."

During a livestream earlier today, Adin Ross provided details about the Creator Program and announced that this initiative would let a verified Twitch streamer earn a salary on Kick. Ross also said that the program was still in its early stages and that the platform was still selecting content creators.

Adin Ross provides details about Kick's Creator Program

As mentioned earlier, Adin Ross discussed the Creator Program's official launch during a broadcast on August 15, 2023. He stated:

"We are now officially launching the Creator Program. Okay? So now, if you are a Twitch creator with a check mark, you can now come to Kick and get paid a salary on paper. It's in beta, but we are right now selecting creators with check marks on Twitch to come over here and automatically get paid on an hourly rate. On a salary rate."

Timestamp: 00:04:10

The Florida native went on to say that he had the authority to choose which Twitch streamers would be eligible for this incentive:

"We've already selected some creators. I have the power to pass some people on. So, if there is any verified Twitch streamers that you know of - you could average 10, 20, 50, or 100 viewers. If you just are a grinder and you put a lot of hours in and you feel like you should be paid on a salary... I got you! Come talk to me. Come find me, bro. Let's get you on there."

Fans react to the platform's announcement

The Creator Program's announcement was a hot topic of discussion on the r/LivestreamFail subreddit, with over 118 community members weighing in. Here are some pertinent fan reactions:

According to Redditor u/Chemfreak, the Creator Program is good news for streamers. However, they also believed that Kick's offerings seem "too good to be true." Meanwhile, another community member suggested that budding content creators make the most of the feature once it is out of beta.

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