What are the quickest ways to level up in Pokemon GO?

The XP cost required to jump up a level in Pokemon GO gradually increases (Image via Niantic)
The XP cost required to jump up a level in Pokemon GO gradually increases (Image via Niantic)

Leveling up in Pokemon GO can take forever, but the process can be sped up with certain strategies.

Similar to the main series games, the XP cost required to jump up a level in Pokemon GO gradually increases. For example, only 6,000 XP is needed to get a Pokemon from level 6 to level 7, but to move on to level 8, the trainer needs 7,000 XP. To get to the maximum level 40, a trainer needs 5,000,000 XP. This is why XP is such a valuable resource in the game.

Quickest ways to level up in Pokemon GO

Image via Niantic
Image via Niantic

The most essential thing to do when leveling up Pokemon is to stock up on Lucky Eggs. These items double the amount of XP gained for 30 minutes and will save loads of time. Players get a Lucky Egg every time a Pokemon evolves, but they can also purchase more at the shop.

Considering how much XP it costs to level up these Pokemon, spending a little on Lucky Eggs might end up being worth it. They can be bought in packs of 8 for 500 Pokecoins, or megapacks of 25 for 1,250 Pokecoins

Keeping streaks alive is a great way to farm XP continuously. For instance, there is an XP gain for every daily Gym spin. On the seventh day this streak is kept alive, the player will get 4,000 XP for free.

A small amount of XP can be gained by catching Pokemon, but this can be exploited. This is a solid, reliable way to get XP. Every time a Pokemon is caught, the player gets 100 XP. If it is an Excellent Catch, another 100 XP is added.

With a Lucky Egg activated, 400 XP total can be gained from making one successful catch. Therefore, if a player can rack up several catches during the 30 minutes that the Lucky Egg is active, they can rack up a decent amount of XP. The best time to do this is during Community Days, where certain Pokemon will be abundant and bonuses will be active, one of which could be double XP.

Evolving Pokemon also yields 500 XP. One popular strategy is to load up on easily evolved Pokemon, like the Flying-type Pidgey, and evolve them with a Lucky Egg active.

One other thing that will always net a player good XP is defeating a Raid boss. It will normally yield 3,000 XP, and defeating a Legendary Raid boss will grant 10,000 XP. With a Lucky Egg active, going through multiple Raids can be a quick method to get loads of XP.

The final method is advancing through the friendship stages. Every time a player makes a new friend, they get 3,000 XP. Advancing through Great Friend and Ultra Friend will give greater XP results, and if two players get the maximum Best Friend, they each receive 100,000 XP. These thresholds are met by interacting with players on a daily basis.

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