What are Ronaldo and Messi's ratings in FIFA 23? Xbox leak reveals major information about the superstar duo

The two superstars will once again be top cards in the game (Images via EA Sports)
The two superstars will once again be top cards in the game (Images via EA Sports)

Ronaldo and Messi in FIFA 23 will be similar to how they have been in real life. The duo have been the warriors of many great battles, some of which have been fought between their teams directly. However, age and form might finally show cracks, if the recent Xbox leaks are anything to go by.

Earlier in the evening, news emerged that FIFA 23 has accidentally become available for some Xbox players. It is unclear what caused the glitch, but some players were reportedly able to play up to 30 minutes of the new game. Safe to say, they have decided to make the most of it and revealed the ratings of several star footballers.

It has long been expected that Messi and Ronaldo could be on the receiving end of reductions in their overalls. Earlier leaks have also hinted towards that, and it appears they might be true. However, fans should find solace in the fact that the two have still received satisfactory numbers and will eventually be great cards in the game.

Neither Ronaldo nor Messi has received an upgrade to their overalls in FIFA 23

When Kylian Mbappe was revealed as the cover star for FIFA 23 for the third straight year, many foresaw that the French star would be the highest-rated card in the game. It is now true, if the Xbox leaks are anything to go by. Moreover, both Ronaldo and Messi have received downgrades from their ratings in FIFA 22.

Ronaldo has received an overall rating of 90, a 1-point reduction from last year. Despite scoring 24 goals in all competitions, many felt that the Portuguese should have done better in certain areas. It appears that EA Sports feels the same, which has led to a drop in his rating. He will, however, continue to be the highest-rated footballer for Manchester United.

While it could be disappointing for some, Ronaldo's overall rating is still phenomenal, considering his recent form and age. Messi has followed suit and dropped by one rating point to 91. However, he remains one of the several highest-rated players in FIFA 23, along with players like Benzema and Mbappe.

The downgrades were expected as both superstars had seasons where they could have individually done better. However, both cards will remain strong choices in their respective positions and will be viable options in the right hands.

It should be noted that it is unknown why the glitch occurred and if this version will be the same in FIFA 23's release. Fans are advised to wait till the official ratings are revealed by EA Sports, which traditionally happens in the middle of September.