What's new in Bloodborne PSX's latest 1.05 update?

The popular PS4 RPG sees a PC incarnation in the form of a fan demake (Images from Bloodborne/BloodbornePSX)
The popular PS4 RPG sees a PC incarnation in the form of a fan demake (Images from Bloodborne/BloodbornePSX)

Sony's Bloodborne recently received a fan "demake" on PC. Titled "Bloodborne PSX" (or BBPSX), this recreation of 2015's iconic PS4 JRPG shrinks the experience down into a PS1-inspired format.

The recent 1.05 update has enabled players to engage in co-op. Local co-op can be played split-screen using two controllers. Meanwhile, the "Online" co-op needs to be established using the remote access tool Parsec.

Bloodborne PSX brings more to the table

Additionally, the patch also includes bug fixes that iron out some of the technical issues. Here's the full list of changes and fixes made to the game.

  • Hunters fully heal when entering Hunters Dream
  • Double status ailment bug
  • Infinite insight bug
  • Can attack when level up bug
  • Lantern soft lock bug
  • Body type preview not updating bug
  • Spawn in Hunters Dream void bug
  • Enemy item drop not spawning for stealth kill bug
  • Sound settings not applying past loading screens bug
  • Various stuck in geometry fixes

The game has received a positive reception from fans so far, with praise towards how faithful it is to the real thing. It also surprisingly maintains an atmosphere in line with both the standard PS1 title and the popular RPG by FromSoftware it emulates. Low draw distance masked by fog, choppy (optional) 20 FPS, low polygon assets - it's got all the work for an early 3D game inspiration.

Given it was a project made in a little over a year, BBPSX is understandably not the complete 1:1 experience that is seen on the PS4. However, it still includes a decent chunk of the game, including much of Central Yharnam; fan favorite bosses like Cleric Beast and Father Gascoigne are also accounted for. However, there are also many changes like an ending of its own, tweaked set-pieces compared to the original, and a new area.

PC gamers have been anticipating a Bloodborne port ever since publisher Sony expressed an interest in bringing their first-party experience to the platform. They've already ported over several acclaimed PS4 games, like Horizon Zero Dawn, Days Gone, and God of War (2017). So perhaps FromSoft's PS4 exclusive action RPG will be on PC in due time. But so far, there's been no confirmation - only rumors and leaks.

The demake is created by Lilith Walther, also known as b0lster, and is available to download for free on the game's official itch.io page.

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