When does Resident Evil Re:Verse release?

A promotional image for Resident Evil Re:Verse (Image via Capcom)
A promotional image for Resident Evil Re:Verse (Image via Capcom)
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Resident Evil Re:Verse has seen its share of delays, but the game finally has a concrete release date. It was originally scheduled to launch alongside Resident Evil Village. Village was released for a slew of platforms on May 2, 2021, but did so without the Re:Verse title alongside it.


Capcom has now announced a new expansion for Village. The Winters' Expansion will arrive on October 28, 2022, and that date will finally see Re:Verse go live as well.

Resident Evil Re:Verse has a release date of October 28, 2022

RE:Verse is finally coming on October 28 (same date as Village: Gold Edition) #CapcomShowcase #SummerGameFest

While most fans of the Resident Evil series are excited for the Resident Evil Village DLC, hardcore fans are happy to finally get their hands on Re:Verse after a long delay.

Just before this year's Halloween, Re:Verse will go live on October 28, 2022. Players will have their hands full with this new title, along with new playable characters in Mercenaries and a new story to play through in Village.

October 28 is a Friday, which lines up with the majority of major video game releases. While the game does have a concrete release date, Capcom may delay its release if additional polish is needed.

If all goes to plan when October 28, 2022, arrives, Resident Evil Re:Verse and the Winters' Expansion for Resident Evil Village will both be available for download.

What is Resident Evil Re:Verse? Multiplayer details and more

For those who might not know what Re:Verse is, here is the official game description on its Steam page, per Capcom:

Beloved Resident Evil characters clash in a fight to the death! Test your skills against other players in six-person deathmatch battles. But don't forget the terrifying bioweapons! You'll need to master the skills of the heroes and bioweapons alike if you want to claw your way to victory!

Re:Verse is a four to six person multiplayer game. Essentially, it is a deathmatch-style title where players choose their favorite Resident Evil character and fight against others.

Players who are eliminated transform into a bioweapon that can be used to take out other players in a brutally strategic manner. Picking up Virus Capsules means the transformation is even more powerful.

Re:Verse is free with Resident Evil Village. Physical copies have a product code that can be entered to download the game. Digital purchases will see Re:Verse available through the online shop in which it was bought.

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