When does Udyr rework release in League of Legends?

Udyr is set for release along with patch 12.16 (Image via League of Legends)
Udyr is set for release along with patch 12.16 (Image via League of Legends)

Udyr is the latest champion who is set to receive a massive rework in League of Legends. He has been under development for quite a while now, and it seems that the developers are finally ready to release him on live servers for players to enjoy.

However, many players are eager to know the exact date of his release. Fortunately, a concrete news regarding that is finally available and the same has been provided in this article along with some other necessary information.

Life is in the struggle, not the victory. Fight by instinct with Udyr, the Spirit Walker.

This upcoming Udyr rework is expected to make him a lot more viable in the current meta. It is expected that he will make his return to both professional games as well as solo queue matches and be more in line with the popular modern day champions.

Official release date for Udyr's rework in League of Legends

Udyr's rework in League of Legends is set to be added to the PBE (Public Beta Environment) on July 9, 2022. This means that he will be brought forth into the PBE for the 12.16 patch cycle for the game.

This in turn means that the rework will be available on the live servers somewhere around August 24, 2022, which is the approximate time or release date of patch 12.16. Therefore, from now on, players who do not have access to the PBE will need to wait for two more weeks.


This Udyr rework is quite highly anticipated amongst fans all across the world. This is mainly because the champion is so badly outdated that he cannot stand up to any other modern day unit.

However, one of the key aspects that makes Udyr so good is his unique gameplay. The current rework ensures that this unique aspect won't change, but rather get upgraded further to meet the modern standards of champions in League of Legends.


Apart from that, the developers have also ensured that Udyr not only feels upgraded from his gameplay perspective, but his looks as well. A full VGU update has been done for Udyr and all of his spirit forms have been changed individually.

In fact, the developers have mentioned that Udyr took the most amount of work as his looks, visuals, and graphical aspects had to be re-developed from stratch. This is primarily the reason on why it took so long to complete his rework, as it was almost like developing a brand new champion.

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