Who is Carlos Medeiros? Brazilian YouTuber who goes by Henrique Medeiros found dead in a grave at friends' home

This article explores the cause of death of the Brazilian YouTuber (Image via henriquemedeiroz/Instagram)
This article explores the cause of death of the Brazilian YouTuber (Image via henriquemedeiroz/Instagram)

Brazillian YouTuber Carlos Medeiros, also known as Henrique Medeiros, was found dead and buried in the garden of a couple who were also his neighbors and friends. As per CNN Brazil, the creator had been reported missing since Christmas Day. On December 24, 2023, he called his sister around 9 pm to inform her that he would like to spend the evening with his companions.

However, the couple reported that he had left their house to go home at around 2 am. This led to his family and friends going on a hunt for him through the woods. Eventually, a childhood companion of his came across the now-deceased YouTuber buried in a shallow mound.

This was in the garden of the same colleague couple whose house he was reportedly going to celebrate Christmas Eve. The following dives into who Carlos Medeiros is and the unfortunate circumstances that led to his demise.

Brazilian YouTuber Henrique Medeiros found buried in the garden of colleagues allegedly passed away during s*x


Henrique Medeiros had a significant following on YouTube, having attained over 1.77 million followers. His content involved IRL vlogs and challenge videos, involving him trying unusual but intriguing activities for his videos. His clips had a respectful reach, amassing over 23,000,000 views.

As per CNN Brazil, after having been reported missing since December 25, Henrique Medeiros was finally found by a childhood friend who'd decided to investigate the colleagues' house himself and found a mound of dirt that felt soft. Upon digging into the ground, he found the body of the influencer and immediately called the police.

As per the New York Times, the neighbors explained that Henrique Medeiros had died due to "coc**ne-fueled Christmas s*x." The couple, consisting of a man of 28 and a woman of 24, were confused about what to do with the body of this deceased influencer and decided to bury it in their garden in a desperate attempt to hide it.

What happened to the colleagues?

The police are currently conducting a postmortem examination to identify the exact cause of death, and a report for this should be ready in about 60 days, as per CNN Brazil. Law enforcement has stated the couple tried to flee after Henrique Medeiros was reported missing and have been temporarily arrested. They are currently being held at the Itapecerica da Serra Police Station.

The police are also awaiting postmortem reports to establish the cause of death of the influencer. If the couple is confirmed to have had a hand in his demise, they may face charges of homicide as well as for trying to hide a corpse.