Who is Froste? Former 100 Thieves member claims to have been mistreated by the esports organization

Who is Froste? (Image via Sportskeeda)
Diving into esports player Froste (Image via Sportskeeda)

Former 100 Thieves and The Mob member Erind "Froste" Puka recently claimed that the esports organization acted inappropriately towards him. Froste is a 24-year-old Twitch streamer and YouTuber. His statements immediately made headlines with every mistreatment accusation of mistreatment during his stay in LA.

Froste has amassed over 100K followers and 18K subscribers on YouTube. He is the co-founder of a content creation group called The Mob, which has over 30K subscribers on the red platform. The group's videos primarily focused on challenge-making tasks, such as trying out the hottest wings and surprising fans.

Announcing 100 Thieves x The Mob.@TheMob is a group of 4 creators: @AvalancheTwitch @Froste @Mako @Classify who each bring a unique charisma and passion to our team. We're excited to help take their content to new heights & will be sharing more soon when they move to LA! #100T

The Mob also included other content creators/streamers - Mako, Classify, and Avalanchd. 100 Thieves later acquired them. The group, including Froste, were relieved of their contracts in late 2021, details of which have surfaced on Twitter over the past 24 hours.

Froste's allegations have stirred up controversy

Puka called 100 Thieves "predatory" on Twitter. He alleged that all members of The Mob had to neglect eating food to pay the rent while residing in Los Angeles.

imagine we had enough money to where we didn't have to stress over where our next meal was coming from. Coulda done some big things but i guess we'll never know

He started by reminiscing about his time in The Mob house. However, he regretted not having enough resources to film or do other activities that would have catered to the growing audience.

@BakeHatesItHere @HSteggles $2,500 each in rent a month while only getting paid $1,650. There were so many day's where we had to skip meals cus we couldn't afford to buy food unless we begged our parents to send us money. It's truly a wonder whey Mako wanted to leave the mob and move back with his family!

He then made a flurry of tweets giving gruesome details of the group's mistreatment, which included solvency. He said each member had to pay $2.5K in monthly rent because their property cost $10K.

Puka explained that it was stipulated in their agreement that The Mob must live near the 100 Thieves' content house. This was the main reason for the sky-high rent.

He also stated that the house's participants were paid $1.65K after taxes, which was insufficient to cover accommodation. As a result, the members purportedly skipped meals and requested their families for funds to get by.

100 Thieves responded

After the allegations, Matthew "Nadeshot" went live on Twitch in response to Froste. The CEO of 100 Thieves refuted the claims, stating that the organization had no say in where The Mob resided and did not take more than 35% of any sponsorship earnings.

"They didn't work"I think this sums up Nadeshot's main point against Froste's allegations, all of which Nadeshot has called lies and says he has receipts and contracts for.

Nadeshot also outlined three major deals that were brought to the group by 100 Thieves, one of which included a $200K compensation package that saw the four members earn a total of $120K.

He exclaimed:

“It was a headache for them (content managing team) to deal with trying to get them to do things.”

Froste's response to Nadeshot

Puka followed Nadeshot's stream and tweeted several times during it. He asserted that Nadeshot's rebuttal was not fully honest and promised to "air out" the controversy with evidence so Nadeshot wouldn't make erroneous claims. He stated:

“Yea I’m going live later tonight or tomorrow and airing everything out...gonna find all the proof I have so he can’t lie his a*s off again.”

How other 100 Thieves members reacted

Despite being the co-owner of the organization, Rachell "Valkyrae" admitted to not being in the loop. However, she was skeptical of Puka's statements and will wait for more information. She opined:

“I haven’t been able to see Nadeshot’s response to Froste’s accusations, but I did see Froste tweet that he has nothing to gain from this, which isn’t true. You gain exposure and clout, obviously.”

Co-owner Jack "CouRageJD" also broke his silence. He added:

"I take Froste’s attack on Matt’s character as an attack on my own as well as everyone at 100 Thieves for calling us predatory."
I take Froste’s attack on Matt’s character as an attack on my own as well as everyone at 100T for calling us predatorySharing great memories together on stream, gifting him thousands of dollars of subs, and offering any YT help I can.It hurts. Still love Classy, Mako, and Ava

With controversy brewing, the audience expects to hear from Puka soon. The content creator is expected to stream and discuss the details of his relationship with 100 Thieves. Nonetheless, this drama has already cast a grim shadow on the ecosystem.

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