Who is Johnny Somali? Controversial Kick streamer assaulted on livestream after allegedly harassing people in Japan

Kick streamer Johnny Somali attacked in public (Image via Twitter)
Kick streamer Johnny Somali was attacked in public (Image via Twitter)

Kick streamer Johnny Somali is facing severe backlash for making racist comments and engaging in the harassment of women while streaming live on the streets of Japan. During his IRL streams, the controversial streamer encountered two separate instances where he was physically confronted by Japanese individuals for his recent charades.

On June 10, Kick Clips (@KickClips) shared the initial video clip. In the footage, the streamer can be seen using profanity and mucking about, which led to a confrontation where a local individual choked him from behind.

During another incident, the streamer was once again struck by an unknown individual, likely in response to his behavior. Here is the clip:

What did Johnny Somali do? Kick streamer under fire for recent behavior

Johnny Somali has increasingly become the focus of Japanese locals' ire due to his disruptive presence and behavior on the streets of Japan. For instance, a video showed him approaching a woman on the street and inappropriately questioning her about the location of prostitutes:

Furthermore, there is footage of him conversing with a Japanese local man on a train, where he proceeded to mock Hiroshima and Nagasaki. He only stopped after being confronted by an American-Korean who was boarding the same train.

There were instances of racism as well. During one stream, he mockingly described the Japanese language as "Chinese":

He also livestreamed and shared a video of himself playing loud music inside a subway, intentionally causing disturbance to those around him. Here is the clip in question:

Has the streamer faced any legal issues?

The streamer's persistent harassment in the subways eventually resulted in him facing initial legal repercussions after being confronted by the local police. A video capturing his interaction with the authorities can be viewed at the following link:

In a recent video clip, the streamer was allegedly seen being apprehended by Japanese authorities, who appeared to issue threats of deporting him back to America. The video was posted by a verified channel (@SeyitYucel06):

However, it is worth noting that the face of the individual in the video is pixelated, making it difficult to confirm whether or not it was indeed Johnny Somali who was apprehended by the Japanese authorities.

As of this writing, Johnny Somali still has access to his Kick account, and he was actively conducting an IRL stream in Tokyo, indicating that the streamer did not face any significant legal consequences.

The occurrence of streamers causing disturbances and engaging in racism and abuse on Kick is not a new phenomenon. The persistence of such behavior is often attributed to the lack of effective moderation. It remains to be seen if Tyler "Trainwreckstv" (co-owner) makes any amends in this regard.