Who is Wirtual? Twitch streamer goes viral after finishing a difficult TrackMania map in 60 hours.

Twitch streamer completes toughest TrackMania map (Image via Twitch)
Twitch streamer completes toughest TrackMania map (Image via Twitch)

A 23-year-old Norwegian Twitch streamer and esports player Øyvind "Wirtual" has finally accomplished the long-awaited task of completing the TrackMania map called Deep Dip, a tower-structured map that has several levels. However, the most challenging part of the map is the fact that it has no checkpoints, which means that players will not be able to save their progress.

Wirtual is a seasoned TrackMania player who has participated in numerous competitions involving the game and has also had the opportunity to commentate on some of the most esteemed TrackMania events.

Wirtual finally succeeds at completing the Deep Dip after 60 hours of grinding

As stated earlier, the Deep Dip map is a challenging one due to the exclusion of checkpoints. Players who inadvertently fall from one level are likely to plummet down to several levels which will eradicate their progress.

The map has 15 floors that are built by different mappers. This includes custom voice lines, easter eggs, and "deeper dips", suggesting that the falls will be longer. The map also has "Getting Over It" references, which has been dubbed one of the most grueling and punishing games in recent history.


At the start of the map, Wirtual stated that it was going to be one of his biggest tasks yet. He said:

"This thing could take me weeks to finish. It looks daunting, it looks terrifying because it's even more punishing than it looks like."

He also demonstrated an example of a fall from the higher floors on the map which depicted the car sinking down several levels, rendering the player's progress null and void.

Readers should note that Deep Dip is preceded by another map, considered to be less difficult, called "Bennett Foddy ate my CPs." This map was released in 2021 and also excludes any checkpoints.

How did Wirtual complete the map?

The Norwegian did eventually complete the map. However, it took over 60 hours for him to complete the entire map, and by the end of the challenge, his stats revealed that he had fallen a whopping 537 times.

(Timestamp: 01:52:55)

At the last level, he was tasked with a simple challenge - to accelerate and jump through the ring, which was the finishing line. Fortunately for the streamer, he was able to complete the last level without much fuss.

Upon completion of the final level, he exclaimed:

"I'm done. I'm f**king done...I'm so tired. I was so scared, I was so nervous."

Which tournaments have Wirtual participated in?

Wirtual has had the opportunity to partake in several notable TrackMania tournaments. He was featured in the latest event during the Kracky reloaded 3 held in September 2022. Aside from that, he has also been featured in events such as the Icy Campaign, TrackMania Open Grand League Winter 2020: Step 2, and TrackMania Open Grand League Winter 2020: Step 3.

He has also participated in competitions as a commentator. This includes events such as TrackMania Grand League World Cup 2022, Twitch Rivals - TrackMania Challenge, and Arctic Gaming Experience 2022.

The streamer presently has over 323K followers on his Twitch channel. He also has a YouTube channel with over 976K subscribers, placing him among the top 10 Norwegian gamers on the platform.

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