"Whoa, who are all these people": Hundreds gather to welcome Twitch streamer Pokimane to World of Warcraft guild

Pokimane flabbergasted as hundreds of people welcome her to World of Warcraft (Image via Pokimane/Twitch)
Pokimane flabbergasted as hundreds of people welcome her to World of Warcraft (Image via Pokimane/Twitch)

Popular Twitch streamer Imane "Pokimane" has caused quite a stir in the World of Warcraft community after she went live with fellow creators Matthew "Mizkif" and Thomas "Sodapoppin" today. Imane essentially joined the One True King streamer's guild, and hundreds of members logged on at the same time to welcome her as a new member.

The variety streamer is primarily known for playing games such as Valorant and League of Legends. Since leaving Offline TV earlier this year, Pokimane seems to be making a lot of changes, with the most recent one being getting into playing the MMO World of Warcraft, and fans were clearly thrilled.

The streamer was greeted by a multitude of players who lined up by the side of the road to welcome her to the guild, leaving her very amused. After realizing that it was other players who were kneeling as a sign of welcome, the Twitch star squealed with excitement, saying:

"Whoa, who are all these people? I thought they were NPCs."

Fans commemorate Pokimane joining Classic World of Warcraft with hundreds of players welcoming her to the game

Plenty of popular streamers, such as Mizkif and Emiru, have recently gotten into playing World of Warcraft Hardcore on camera. In fact, Emiru's death while playing the game a couple of days ago caused quite a bit of drama in the community, with Sodapoppin living up to his name and popping off at Mizkif for letting Emiru die.

The news of Pokimane potentially playing the game next has been floating around for quite some time. Sodappopin even called her out in a now-viral clip from a couple of days ago, where described her as non-committal. However, it seems that she has finally taken up the challenge to play and even had a sort of interview with Sodapoppin to join the guild.

After building a new character to get started, Pokimane got a very warm welcome to the guild as her fellow streamers started teaching her the ropes. After she spawned into the game with Mizkif, she was startled by how many people had logged in to await her arrival.

When Mizkif explained to her that hundreds of guild members had come to welcome her and were kneeling as a sign of respect, the Canadian streamer thanked everyone for taking the time to make her feel at home, saying:

"Oh my god, this is so cute. Hello everyone! I feel like they are all AFK. They look AFK, wait this is so nice. Thank you everyone for your time."

The Classic Hardcore mode added to the game this year has resulted in a recent increase in the popularity of World of Warcraft. Dying is permanent in the new mode, so this raises the stakes significantly.