Why is Riot banning every League of Legends account associated with TF Blade’s IP address?

Riot banning every League of Legends account associated with TF Blade’s IP address (Image via TF Blade)
Riot banning every League of Legends account associated with TF Blade’s IP address (Image via TF Blade)

In the ongoing uproar surrounding League of Legends content creator TF Blade, the heat is intensifying, with an increasing number of accounts facing suspensions due to Riot Games imposing a two-week ban on him. The peculiar twist is that only select streamers, who happened to be residing at the same hotel, were impacted by these bans. Evidently, TFblade became a victim of Riot's IP ban, leading to the subsequent banning of other streamers' accounts (excluding those linked directly to Riot).

After TF Blade received a two-week ban and created new accounts for League of Legends, well-known streamer Dantes expressed that all non-Riot ID accounts belonging to streamers are now subject to permanent bans. Similar consequences had recently occurred to Dantes.

Riot banning every League of Legends account with same IP address as TF Blade after his toxic behavior toward pro players

Responding to the situation, TF Blade expressed his incredulity on Twitter, finding it utterly ridiculous that Riot Korea manually bans all non-Riot accounts linked to the IP address of his hotel. He asserted:

"If I had known they would do some stupid sh*t like this for the sake of others, I would just not go on a second or third account trying to play on a Korean server."

While playing League of Legends on Korean servers, TF Blade found himself engaging in some heated exchanges with several Korean players. These individuals happened to be professionals, well-known YouTubers, and other prominent figures within the gaming community. As a result, the entire incident quickly gained traction on FM Korea, a popular online forum.

Notably, Detention (a North American content creator) experienced pushback and even received a ban threat from a pro gamer due to the aforementioned situation.

TF Blade found himself in a perilous situation when Riot dished out a two-week ban on his League of Legends account for apparent toxic behavior during gameplay. Not one to back down, he devised a plan to continue playing by creating fresh accounts. Meanwhile, Riot was on a banning spree, targeting not only the IP address of TF Blade's hotel but also other renowned streamers.

He responded:

"I admit I am toxic in-game and deserved the ban but so did so many others that didn’t get banned for toxic, inting, and just overall trolling. Only thing that is unfair is to put the blame on me for Riot Korea being stupid and banning other streamers because I got banned, that is their decision and not mine."

After a recent encounter in a game, TF Blade found himself in hot waters with fellow League of Legends content creator Nick "LS" De Cesare. The latter didn't hold back, letting his frustrations spill onto his stream.

The drama continued as LS took to Twitter to further address the circumstances. Following the account bans, he also made some comments regarding the situation:

"Curious if he'll get out of the country before the Koreans file charges, like some of the fm/dcinside posts were suggesting might happen due to his harassment towards KR pros. Targeted online verbal harassment is illegal in KR. They speculated that TFBlade is also committing identity theft as his account isnt a Riot account."

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