Will there be a PUBG Mobile Lite India version? Players unsure about game’s future with no announcements yet

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The popular battle royale title, PUBG Mobile, has a streamlined version developed for users with low-end devices to enjoy a similar battle royale experience. The toned-down version – PUBG Mobile Lite – is equally popular and also enjoys a massive player base.

By now, every Indian PUBG Mobile player and fan will be aware that the game’s return in the country is on the cards. Two months of wait appears to be ending soon as in a recent press release, PUBG Corporation announced that it was gearing up to release the Indian version of this game.

But PUBG Mobile Lite players haven’t had much relief as the press release did not have anything for them.

In September, a ban was imposed on these two prominent titles by the Indian government. Subsequently, they were removed from the app stores, and the server access was restricted for Indian users from 30th October.

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A PUBG Mobile Lite India version? With no announcements, players left worried for game’s future

It is unclear whether there will be an Indian version of PUBG Mobile Lite as the official press release did not address issues about its availability. The lack of information has left the game’s fans and players in dire straits.

Some of them took to Twitter looking for answers about the future of their favorite battle royale title:

Its better cousin has several region-specific versions published by different companies apart from Tencent Games, like VNG Games Publishing (Vietnam version), HotCool Games (Taiwan version), and PUBG Corporation (Korean version). However, PUBG Mobile Lite has only a single iteration published by Tencent worldwide and is yet to be made available in all the countries.

The recent implementation of the Lightweight Installation Feature globally in PUBG Mobile has reduced its size and enabled several PUBG Mobile Lite players who couldn’t play the title earlier to take it up.

Only time can answer the question about the comeback of PUBG Mobile Lite in the country, but it looks like PUBG Corporation is headed for a one-game model. The fans and players will have to wait for the official announcement, though.

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