xQc abruptly ends his livestream saying "something is wrong," fans speculate about the reason

xQc's livestream on May 16, 2023, was abruptly cut short (Image via xQc/Twitch)

Popular Twitch personality Felix "xQc" made headlines on May 16, 2023, when he abruptly ended his livestream. While watching true crime videos, something off-stream caught his attention, prompting him to address the matter and temporarily leave the livestream. After a ten-minute absence, Felix returned and mentioned that something had gone wrong but did not provide further details.

He said:

"Chat, I'll let the video finish, and chat, I have to end. Okay? Sorry, chat. I have to end. Something is wrong. I'll... um... let the video finish, okay? I got you, bruh. Come on. It's okay. S**t happens."

"Adept knows exactly what she is doing" - Streaming community speculates about why xQc ended his broadcast abruptly

Before ending his broadcast earlier today, xQc apologized to his community and stated that things had been "crazy" for the past few days:

"Okay, chat. Chat, guys, I legitimately have to go, though. I'm not going to; I have to go. I should deal with something, chat. I might come back later, not 100%. Sorry about that. But it's been crazy, for the last, like, three days. It is what it is, though. Unfortunately. Okay, Yeah, I'm sorry, chat."

The 27-year-old assured fans that he would make amends:

"Guys, somehow, I'll make up for it. Promise! Okay, be loved. I'll try my best. We'll see what happens. Chat, be loved. Take care. I'm out until tomorrow, chat."

As expected, the incident was shared on the r/LivestreamFail subreddit, and it eventually became a top post on the forum. One Redditor jokingly said that the Quebec native would be unable to play Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom "at this rate":

Another Reddit user, u/MUx20_NEx6, speculated that something related to Adpet could have been the reason behind xQc abruptly ending his livestream. They commented:

"All I'm going to say is, Adept knows exactly what she is doing, posting those Insta Stories, she is playing him and y'all like a fiddle. I feel bad for the guy that he has to deal with her."

One community member claimed that they were timed out of xQc's chat room for 16 hours after writing the following message:

Some of the more relevant reactions were along these lines:

This is not the first time xQc's livestream took an unexpected turn. Earlier this year (on January 8, 2023), the former Overwatch pro had to cut short his broadcast when his ex-girlfriend, Sammy "Adept," appeared on stream and claimed that he was "violating court orders." This incident served as the catalyst for the entire court case and divorce debacle, which is still ongoing.