“I shook his hand, I gave him a hug”- HasanAbi and xQc finally end their beef and apologize to each other

Hasan and xQc have ended their beef (Images via HasanAbi and xQc/Twitter)
Hasan and xQc have ended their beef (Images via HasanAbi and xQc/Twitter)

Twitch streamer and political commentator HasanAbi spoke a bit about his recent beef with Twitch sensation Felix "xQc" and revealed that both of them have finally apologized to each other and put an end to their beef.

Hasan had returned after attending Ludwig's Mogul Money Live and planned on attending the Anime Expo with Mizkif, Ludwig, and Minecraft superstar Karl Jacobs.

During his short livestream, Hasan addressed the recent controversy between him and xQc and stated that both of them are now on good terms:

"I f***ing saw him (xQc) in person. And when I saw him in person, I walked up to him. I shook his hand, I gave him a hug, and said I'm sorry for f***ing blowing up like that."

HasanAbi and xQc have ended their beef and called for peace

The streamer drama started last month, on June 15, when xQc made a streamer tier list and placed himself, Asmongold, Summit1G, and Tyler1 in the "Face of Twitch" category.

The former Overwatch pro then went on to rank other prominent Twitch streamers like Pokimane, HasanAbi, Disguised Toast, and TrainwrecksTV in the "B" category.

The next day, Hasan called out xQc by posting several controversial messages on Discord. One of his messages read:

"I'm sorry, he's (xQc) just never been a good person to me and idc (I don't care). Also, Asmon farmed the Johnny Depp trial harder. Get f***ked."

The controversy got so heated that even Twitch content creators like Matthew "Mizkif" addressed the situation. Mizkif stated that he would never make a streamer tier list as it could end up hurting the feelings of other influencers.

Earlier today, HasanAbi hosted a rather short stream on his channel, and at the 30-minute mark, he decided to talk about the beef with xQc. He initially baited his viewers by stating:

"Speaking of xQc, for all of you f***ing weirdo drama frogs. Speaking of xQc, talking about xQc for a second, f***ing hate that guy, okay? Absolutely hate that f***ing dude. Yeah, more drama with the Juicer. Okay? Maximum f***ing drama."

However, he immediately took back his statements and mentioned that he had patched things up with the French-Canadian streamer.

(Timestamp - 00:29:00)

He continued by talking about what xQc said to him at Ludwig's event:

"And he said he was sorry as well. Oh, no. What the f**k."

HasanAbi once again joked about the situation by saying that he "whipped" xQc like a pancake at the event:

"Yeah, just kidding. I whopped his a**, dude. I f***ing whipped him like a... whipped him like a pancake. I used him like a whip! Nah, I'm kidding. But yeah, no, we did. Austin, I'm sure he will say it, but Austin was in front of us, and he said he almost cried."

Fans react to the streamers' ending their beef

Hasan's clip was a highly upvoted post on the r/LivestreamFail subreddit. Here's how Redditors reacted to the news:

Hasan is one of the most popular figures in the streaming community and began his online career on Twitch in 2018.

Aside from primarily streaming Just Chatting content, he is also an avid gamer who has played games like Grand Theft Auto 5, Fortnite, Elden Ring, and Among Us.

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