Twitch streamer expresses his frustration in the most unique way after dying to Malenia in Elden Ring more than 2,000 times

Twitch streamer DanGheesling died to Malenia more than 2,000 times during a recent stream (Image via DanGheesling/Twitch)
Twitch streamer DanGheesling died to Malenia more than 2,000 times during a recent stream (Image via DanGheesling/Twitch)

Twitch streamer and American reality television personality Dan "DanGheesling" spent more than five hours during a recent livestream attempting to kill Malenia, Blade of Miquella in Elden Ring.

After dying 2,000 times consecutively to the same boss, Dan expressed his frustration in the most unique way possible by ironically reading out comments posted by viewers in his Twitch chat.

Twitch streamer Dan Gheesling goes "insane" after dying to Malenia, Blade of Miquella 2000 times in a row

The reality TV personality began streaming his Elden Ring progression earlier this month and was unable to progress after encountering Malenia during a recent livestream. Malenia is considered to be the hardest boss in the latest FromSoftware title, and Dan struggled to get past the boss due to the nature of his build.

The American personality dedicated the entire stream to trying to defeat Malenia, and over two hours later, the Twitch streamer had died 2,000 times to the same boss.

The 38-year-old content creator showed off his production skills by playing a sequence of pre-recorded clips that mimicked fan comments criticizing his gameplay.

Multiple instances of the streamer's face cam began to appear on the corners of the screen, and he read out comments ironically in the pre-recorded clips:

"There's no way you beat this with no vig (vigor stat). There's no chance, no how, no way. There's no way you beat Malenia without adding in some blue flasks. There's no chance. You need more stamina. You need this. You need blue flasks."

(Timestamp: 02:47:22)

The Twitch streamer slyly enhanced the "2,000" text on the screen to bring attention to the number of times he had died in the game. Another pre-recorded clip began playing on the left-hand side of the screen, and it featured Dan commenting:

"There's no way you beat her without using dual-wielding, but you need to dual wield for more damage. You need to double-d. There's no way you can do without dual wield. You must dual wield. Can you please dual wield?"

The sequence went on for a few more minutes, and the sarcastic commentary came to a close when the streamer mocked the last of the frustrating criticisms levied at him:

"Yeah, there's no way you can beat her before the Cuphead DLC comes out. There's no chance. There's no way. It's just going to go into 2023. You have no chance to ever beat her."

The Twitch content creator continued to stream for a few more hours and ended the stream after dying to Malenia 2,091 times.

Fans react to Dan Gheesling's stream moment

The content creator's clip is the top post on the r/LivestreamFail subreddit today, with more than 220 fan reactions. Several Redditors were amused to learn that the Big Brother 14 runner-up was an avid gamer.

Other Redditors wanted to know more about Dan's build in the game:

Dan Gheesling began streaming on Twitch in 2016 and has played a wide variety of games like Escape of Tarkov, PlayerUnkown's Battlegrounds, Spelunky 2, and The Binding of Issac: Repentance. He currently has more than 111k followers and garners an average viewership of 1.5k fans per stream.