xQc claims BruceDropEmOff was not banned due to spam reports

xQc claims BruceDropEmOff was not banned for spam reports (Image via Sportskeeda)
xQc claims BruceDropEmOff was not banned for spam reports (Image via Sportskeeda)

Felix "xQc" has sparked discussion in the streaming community by disputing the reason for BruceDropEmOff's most recent Twitch ban. BruceDropEmOff had claimed on Twitter that he was banned due to 13 spam reports, but xQc, who claims to have insider knowledge regarding Twitch's ban system, has stated that spam reports alone could not result in a ban. This has led to speculation and debate among viewers and other streamers.

A clip of him talking about it, titled 'xQc thinks Bruce is lying about his ban' was recently uploaded by his clips channel on YouTube, where the streamer says:

"I spoke with Twitch staff extensively. I spoke with Twitch staff at moderation, okay? And spam reports are not a thing. I have been shown that spam reports that actually end up being a ban on Twitch are not a thing."

xQc says BruceDropEmOff's ban cannot be because of spam reports because that is a myth

During a recent stream, xQc reacted to social media posts and stumbled upon a Reddit post about BruceDropEmOff's second Twitch ban this year. After researching the situation, he discovered that some people were speculating that the ban was due to spam reports.

However, as a prominent Twitch streamer, xQc has been in contact with the platform over the years and claims to have a good understanding of how moderation works. He stated that spamming the report button on a stream would not be a valid reason for a suspension:

"I have been told and showed that it's a myth and not possible. 'It does happen'? Nope, nope. There are no times where it can happen, not possible."

xQc later doubled down on his claim that spam reports could not be the sole reason for a Twitch ban, despite some in his chat suggesting that there may be more to the story:

"Guys, if people say, 'Yeah, but what about...' No. Not ever."

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Reddit reactions to the comment

The clip from Twitch has gone viral, crossing 50K views in hours as Redditors on r/LivestreamFail gave their opinions on xQc's comments. Here are some of the notable comments on the streamer-related subreddit:

Why was BruceDropEmOff banned?

BruceDropEmOff was banned in January after he allegedly used the c-word on his alternate Twitch channel. His main channel then got banned for ban evasion. The c-word controversy, which gained traction after popular Streamer HasanAbi got the ban years ago, appears to be the reason for Bruce's most recent ban.

His initial ban earlier this year came after a public fallout with Mizkif and OTK. In his criticism, where he alleged racism, the former One True King member used the controversial word, incurring a suspension. After getting unbanned a day ago, he appeared on stream with a sign and a box of crackers, courting controversy.

Bruce's tweet about getting spam reported 13 times (Image via raycondones/Twitter)
Bruce's tweet about getting spam reported 13 times (Image via raycondones/Twitter)

If what xQc claims is true, the ban was then sanctioned manually after the moderation team reviewed the streamer's content. That said, all of this speculation and information is made available through word of mouth, so readers should be careful as they draw conclusions.