xQc gets troll message from Adin Ross, later blocks controversial streamer because of his antics

xQc was left stunned after opening Adin Ross
xQc was left stunned after opening Adin Ross' troll message on Discord (Image via Sportskeeda)

On March 19, 2023, Twitch star Felix "xQc" went live on his channel to play various games. He also hosted a Just Chatting segment, during which he received a message from controversial content creator Adin Ross.

Without hesitation, the French-Canadian personality read the latter's message. He was greeted with a very loud audio clip, making him speechless.

Adin Ross' shenanigans compelled Felix to block him on Discord. The latter expressed frustration over the incident and claimed that his headphones had broken. The streamer said he was "ultra mald" (slang for being angry) at Adin Ross.

"This s**t is f**king stupid!" - xQc does not hold back and slams Adin Ross after the latter shares a very loud audio clip

At the one-hour mark of his broadcast on March 19, xQc was watching a YouTube video, during which he noticed getting a FaceTime call from Adin Ross. He decided not to answer it. The former Overwatch pro's attention was then drawn to Discord, wherein he observed a message from the Florida native.

When xQc opened it, he was met with an extremely loud audio clip, which stunned him. He quickly shut it down and was rendered speechless for a few moments. He decided to block Adin Ross on Discord and expressed his frustration by saying:

"All right, I'm blocking him. You're blocked. Yo, Adin! Adin, Adin, Adin! I don't know what your content is, these days. Okay? This s**t is f**king stupid! B**ch a** motherf**ker! That is so s**t! My headset is broken! Yo, I'm not even mald, okay? I'm f**king, I'm ultra mald! That s**t was stupid as f**k! Actually blocked!"

Timestamp: 01:48:45

According to xQc, this was Adin Ross' "last try":

"That was your last try, Adin. That was your last try, my brother!"

During a livestream earlier today, Adin Ross reacted to a Twitch streamer blocking him on Discord. Initially, he laughed after seeing the latter alarmed by the loud audio message.

But when he heard Felix say he was blocking him on Discord, Adin Ross exclaimed:

"No! Stop! Dude! Yo, he actually did! Dude! Hell! It was funny as f**k! Oh, that's what he's going to say? Yo, he's mad. Yo, he really did block me on Discord. Yo, he really blocked..."

Fans react to streamers' interaction

The clip featuring xQc getting jump scared and eventually blocking Adin Ross on Discord was shared to the r/LivestreamFail subreddit. Here's a snippet of some relevant fan reactions:

Fans on Reddit reacting to the streamers' interaction (Image via r/LivestreamFail)
Fans on Reddit reacting to the streamers' interaction (Image via r/LivestreamFail)

While one Redditor commented on how loud the audio clip was, another community member wondered how many viewers might have developed tinnitus after watching the livestream.

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