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xQc and Pokimane at the receiving end of fake DMCA claims

Image via xQc/Pokimane
Image via xQc/Pokimane
Brandon Moore
Modified 30 Dec 2020, 09:55 IST

DMCA claims are once again a hot topic in gaming, as streamers like Imane "Pokimane" Anys face false accusations and impending consequences.

It all started with Twitch enforcing wild DMCA claims that many believe are unnecessary. These caused streamers to go through and delete years' worth of VODs to avoid penalties.

Now, DMCA claims are finding their way to streamers on Twitter. These happen to be false accusations that become a nuisance for the victims. Pokimane and Félix "xQc" Lengyel are two big names this has affected.

xQc and Pokimane on the receiving end of fake DMCA claims

It does not appear that Twitter investigates any DMCA claims put against its users. As indicated by Rod "Slasher' Breslau, who received one himself, these claims have been found to be fake. Still, it affected previous tweets and content put up by both xQc and Pokimane.

xQc took his claim with exception. He went on a wholly capitalized rant on his Twitter, even hinting that he will go to jail. It's all in good jest, of course, especially knowing the temper that he can have. The DMCA claim in question for xQc was even from his own stream.


Pokimane addressed two DMCA claims against her. Much like xQc's, these were older tweets. She handled it much more humorously than her streaming counterpart, however. Pokimane laughed it off after the DMCA claims against a simple tweet as well as a link to a TikTok were filed.

It is fair to say that things are getting out of hand. The scare that DMCA claims could ruin a streamer's entire career is genuine. That, of course, simply fuels the fire when it comes to pranksters making these false claims.

Streamers like xQc and Pokimane cannot catch a break. These "jokes" have gone from trolling text-to-speech donations to full-on swatting attempts that could take a life and DMCA claims that could keep a streamer from doing their job.

Published 30 Dec 2020, 09:55 IST
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