Xur is selling a PvP god roll Ikelos SMG in Destiny 2 right now (April 22)

Xur in Destiny 2 EDZ Winding Cove (Image via Bungie)
Xur in Destiny 2 EDZ Winding Cove (Image via Bungie)
Soumyadeep Banerjee

Xur is back in Destiny 2 to set up his little shop for the community. With Bungie's numerous announcements on the recent TWAB (This Week at Bungie), players will be looking for any exotics that might be getting a buff in Season 17. However, Xur's wares don't stop here, as there are legendary gears to be had as well.

The most recent weekend reset on April 22 brought forth exotic inventory alongside Zone Capture Trials labs in Exodus Blue.

The Agent of the Nine can be found setting up his shop on EDZ in the Winding Cove region. You can spawn at the waypoint and head towards the Flooded Chasm Lost Sector.

Xur can be found on top of a cliff near a Fallen ship.

Xur's inventory and everything worth picking up in Destiny 2 week 9

As usual, Xur's inventory is packed with exotic and legendary gear that can be deemed useful by many. The Agent of the Nine also sells two quest-related exotics from Year 4, with random gear that might prove to be a god roll for PvP and PvE. However, the star of the show comes in the form of a legendary SMG.

In the exotic section, Xur brought in the Prometheus Lens Trace Rifle, which you should pick up because of the buff it will be receiving in Season 17. Other gear include The Bombardiers for Hunters, Armamentarium for Titans, and Getaway Artist for Warlocks.

Armamentarium on Xur this week (Image via Destiny 2)
Armamentarium on Xur this week (Image via Destiny 2)

For the legendary section, the only weapon that you need to pick up right now is the 750 RPM Ikelos SMG.

While this archetype hasn't made its name inside the PvP meta, aggressive-framed weapons can shoot down opposing Guardians very quickly, as lower RPM equals lower TTK (Time to Kill).

The perks that Xur has brought in with the Ikelos SMG are as follows:

  • Chambered Compensator for increased Stability, Recoil, and Handling alongside Polygonal Rifling for Stability only.
  • Tactical Mag for Stability, Reload Speed, and Magazine Size alongside Alloy Magazine for faster Reloads.
  • Dynamic Sway Reduction for increased Accuracy and Stability while holding down the trigger.
  • Tap the Trigger for additional Stability and Accuracy on the initial trigger pull.

DSR's 10 Stability alongside Tap the Trigger's 25 makes the Ikelos SMG feel like a laser gun.

Ikelos SMG (Image via Destiny 2)
Ikelos SMG (Image via Destiny 2)

The only armor piece worth mentioning here is Titan's Lightkin Greaves, which has 24 Resilience and an overall stat of 63.

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