New Destiny 2 leaks seem to confirm Solar 3.0 coming in Season 17

Destiny 2 Solar subclass for all classes (Image via Bungie)
Destiny 2 Solar subclass for all classes (Image via Bungie)

The overall Void rework in Destiny 2 has put together lots of builds and approaches that would have been impossible before. Titans and Warlocks with Invisible, alongside Hunters with Devour, has been ridiculous for solo activities, especially Dungeons and Lost Sectors.

With so many skills distributed among all three classes, fans can only wonder about the number of possibilities in store for the future. Bungie has already announced its plans for the next few seasons regarding the rework of the subclasses.

One of the most reputed leakers on Twitter, DestinyTwoLeaks, pretty much confirmed the changes when it comes to these subclasses.

Solar 3.0 might come in Destiny 2 next season (2022)

Solar in Destiny 2 is known for many things, primarily because of its healing abilities. Warlocks and Titans have been farming all sorts of activities with the help of their Solar subclasses, be it the Well of Radiance or Sunspots.

However, after what Bungie did with the Void subclass, it is safe to say that these abilities won't just be class-exclusive.

On April 19, DestinyTwoLeaks posted a leak that announced the arrival of Solar 3.0 in Season 17. While Bungie hasn't confirmed this under any circumstances, the mentioned user is known for previously leaking information proven to be correct.

Bungie's Sandbox Lead Kevin Yanes weighed in on how much Bungie is looking forward to the changes in each subclass. However, with all the hints put through by the company, fans could surely deduce that Arc was going to get a rework next.

On Feb 27, Kevin Yanes tweeted out the following:

"Remember when I said this was a tip to the future of arc 3.0? Speed is a part of arcs kit so we gave the synaptic spear two blinks (back to back before CD), a super slide, and insane jump/movement speed."


However, this doesn't seem to be the case anymore, as the Destiny 2 community has a different aspect to look forward to. While Arc's rework meant a complete focus on movement speed, Solar will most likely be focused on healing.

Players can also expect all kinds of Grenades in three classes similar to Void 3.0. Warlock's Fusion Grenades and Hunter's Tripmine will be a welcome addition for everyone.

Disclaimer: Everything mentioned in this article is based on leaks. The final release might change.