5 best Titan builds for Destiny 2 PvE 

Different subclasses for different builds (Image via Sportskeeda)
Different subclasses for different builds (Image via Sportskeeda)
Soumyadeep Banerjee

Titans have been flowing under the PvE radar of Destiny 2, except for the one-shot hammer and Cuirass Thundercrash. While the void subclass was all about protecting and buffing the fireteam with Sentinel Shield and Ward of Dawn, void 3.0 adds several other buffs that make this class an added clearing machine.

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Titan is the only class in Destiny 2 right now that can proc all three void buffs on its own. This includes overshield, invisibility, and devour. Thanks to a few new fragments, the tank-based class probably has the most survivability while becoming more lethal than the other two classes.

In this article, we break down the five best Titan builds that you can go for inside Destiny 2 PvE.

Note: This article is solely based on the writer's opinions.

Five of the best Titan builds you can go for inside Destiny 2 PvE

1) Hoarfrost Stasis crystals

Hoarfrost Z chest (Image via Bungie)
Hoarfrost Z chest (Image via Bungie)

Hoarfrost Z is the latest Titan chest piece introduced with The Witch Queen expansion. This exotic armor replaces the Titan's wall of light with a massive crystal wall. This can then be shattered to produce more crystal shards. Our objective with this Stasis build is just that - create as many Stasis shards as possible.

The Skills and Aspects required for this build are as follows:

  1. Rally Barricade instead of Towering due to the less 10 seconds on the former skill.
  2. Glacial Grenades for more Stasis walls.
  3. Tectonic Harvest for two Fragment slots and melee energy after picking up a Stasis shard.
  4. Diamond Lance for three Fragment slots and spawning a lance to freeze further and shatter targets.

Fragments required include the following:

  • Whisper of Rime for creating an overshield each time you pick up a Stasis shard.
  • Whisper of Shards temporarily boosts grenade energy after shattering a Stasis crystal.
  • Whisper of Torment for grenade energy after taking damage from enemies.
  • Whisper of Chains for minor incoming damage near a frozen target or a Stasis crystal.
  • Whisper of Hedrons for increased stability, aim-assist, Mobility, Resilience, and Recovery after freezing a target.
Titan Behemoth Stasis (Image via Destiny 2)
Titan Behemoth Stasis (Image via Destiny 2)

Judging from the Fragment choices, you might have already guessed the main idea behind the playstyle here. Try to create as many Stasis shards as possible to regain your grenade energy. Then use your glacial grenade again to freeze the target and spawn Diamond Lance to shatter more.

2) Solar healing Titan

Titan Solar bottom-tree (Image via Destiny 2)
Titan Solar bottom-tree (Image via Destiny 2)

Bottom-tree Sunbreakers in Titan can spawn in Sunspots with each ability kill. These kills can be made using Supers, as each opponent will spawn a Sunspot after they die. Standing on this Solar radius will grant a buff called "Sun Warrior." The buff will significantly increase all ability regeneration and improve the weapon's final blows.

The mods that you will require are as follows:

  • Explosive Wellmaker to spawn Solar elemental Well after rapidly defeating enemies with explosive damage.
  • Elemental Ordnance to spawn Wells after grenade kills.
  • Bountiful Wells to stack the effects of both the mods.
  • Font of Might for a 25% increase in weapon damage after picking up a matching elemental well.
  • Well of Life for increased regeneration after picking up a Solar Well.
Loreley Splendor Helm (Image via Destiny 2)
Loreley Splendor Helm (Image via Destiny 2)

Pairing this build with a new exotic helmet, Loreley Splendor Helm will add to the healing each time you become critically wounded or even defeat an enemy.

3) Volatile Void shoulder bash

Void subclass 3.0 for Titans (Image via Destiny 2)
Void subclass 3.0 for Titans (Image via Destiny 2)

As the name suggests, you are looking for a lot of shoulder bashing in the early and endgame content. The reason why shield-throwing is not recommended is because of its inaccuracy and uncertainty. However, you get a second chance with the shoulder bash even if you miss the first hit on the enemies.

The main idea behind this build is to get constant overshield and grenade energy while applying a volatile debuff to enemies. Offensive Bulwark, the Void Titan Aspect grants increased grenade regeneration in overshield. Melee final blows will increase this duration.

Offensive Bulwark (Image via Destiny 2)
Offensive Bulwark (Image via Destiny 2)

Another Aspect is the Controlled Demolition, which applies a volatile debuff to enemies after landing a Void ability. However, every melee hit will register as a charging ability on overshield, even if the shield-bash is depleted. So melee hits on overshield, and grenades, will count towards the Controlled Demolition Aspect.

Fragments required are as follows:

  • Echo of Remnants for increased grenade duration.
  • Echo of Exchange for grenade energy with final melee blows.
  • Echo of Undermining for weakening target with Void grenades.
  • Echo of Expulsion for the target to explode after Void ability kills.
Melee Wellmaker (Image via Destiny 2)
Melee Wellmaker (Image via Destiny 2)

The Heart of Inmost Light exotic chest piece goes well with this build, as using one ability will empower the other two, increasing their regeneration. Elemental Well mods such as Melee Wellmaker alongside Distribution and Bountiful Wells complement this build greatly.

4) Void one-shot Champions

Peregrine Greaves exotic leg armour (Image via Destiny 2)
Peregrine Greaves exotic leg armour (Image via Destiny 2)

To execute this build properly, we need to break down all the Aspects and abilities required in the Void subclass. You want your bash melee for overshield and suppression.

Vortex grenades need to be the primary choice here, as they can deal with enemies longer, weaken them, and grant you melee energy faster due to the Fragment Echo of Provision. Each Fragment required for this build is explained below:

  • Echo of Remnant for increased duration of the vortex grenade.
  • Echo of Undermining for your vortex grenade to weaken targets.
  • Echo of Provision for melee energy after damaging targets with grenades.

Grenade energy is the key to the damage multiplier here, so make sure to have as much uptime for your grenades as possible. Aspects such as Offensive Bulwark and Bastion complement each other very well, as the latter grants overshield, further regenerating grenade energy.

Bastion Aspect (Image via Destiny 2)
Bastion Aspect (Image via Destiny 2)

Once you have weakened your targets, now is the time for Peregrine Greaves to do its job. Simply stun the Champion, throw a vortex grenade, and shoulder bash it for a one-shot kill. You can even freeze the target with Ager's Scepter or Cryosthesia for increased damage multipliers.

5) Charged with Light Arc Thundercrash

Titan Arc middle tree (Image via Destiny 2)
Titan Arc middle tree (Image via Destiny 2)

One could say Cuirass of the Falling Star is equivalent to Hunter's Celestial Nighthawk exotic. The armor piece brought Titans back into the DPS meta, allowing players to omit chunks of health from raid bosses. However, making this work in 2022 requires extra work in high-tier content.

This build will work by becoming Charged with Light with Elemental Well mods. To start things off, you will need the Overcharge Wellmaker mod to spawn two Arc Wells. Equip the Elemental Charge mod to become Charged with Light after picking those up.

Argent Ordnance mod (Image via Destiny 2)
Argent Ordnance mod (Image via Destiny 2)

Other mods such as Argent Ordnance increase your DPS capability with Rocket Launcher, in addition to Thundercrash. The Lucent Finisher mod is also a viable option since you will be getting heavy ammo after defeating a Champion mob with a finisher.

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