Elemental Shards is now perhaps the most powerful stasis mod in Destiny 2

Revenant stasis subclass for the Hunters in Destiny 2 (Image via Bungie)
Revenant stasis subclass for the Hunters in Destiny 2 (Image via Bungie)

Destiny 2 Season of the Chosen introduced the entire concept of the Elemental Well modifications. Each mod required a total of three armor slots and was categorized throughout the Guardian's armor piece.

They ranged from Headpieces to Class items. However, some did not require any specific armor piece whatsoever.

Elemental Wells has a relatively simple mechanic, much like Warmind Cells. Guardians have to equip one of the mods on their armor, which will drop small orbs of elements on either grenade, weapon, or super kills.

Similarly, the newest mod to the collection, Elemental Shards, summons stasis shards after each kill if equipped. Tweaking this with the Guardian's stasis subclass has seen impressive results inside the PvE.

Elemental Shards and how it is broken inside Destiny 2 PvE right now

Elemental Shards is the newest modification that was introduced last week in Destiny 2 Season of the Lost. It can even be acquired now from Wayfinder's Compass on the H.E.L.M.

Guardians will be required to exchange three mod components for getting hold of this particular mod.

Elemental Shards from Wayfinder's Compass (Image via Bungie)
Elemental Shards from Wayfinder's Compass (Image via Bungie)

The main reason it's so broken in Destiny 2 PvE is its ability to grant bonus energy on picking up an Elemental Well. If the Well element matches the Guardian's subclass, a bonus amount of super energy alongside other abilities will gain regeneration.

One downside to this is that the Elemental Shards effect will have a five-second cooldown.

How do Elemental Shards work with the Stasis subclass in Destiny 2?

Having Elemental Shards equipped will count the picked up stasis shards as an Elemental Well. However, there will be a five-second cooldown until the next shard has been picked up.

Every class in Destiny 2 has a way of making stasis shard using their abilities alongside specific aspects.

Warlocks have a Glacial Harvest aspect which summons shards after just freezing a target. This means that it works with every ability of the class.

The Hunters have the Grim Harvest aspect, which summons stasis shards after killing a slowed or frozen enemy. This works exceptionally well with Hunter Shurikens.

Grim Harvest aspect (Image via Bungie)
Grim Harvest aspect (Image via Bungie)

Lastly, the Titans have the Tectonic Harvest aspect, which summons a shard after destroying a stasis crystal. This requires Guardians to use Glacier grenades or breaking stasis walls created from Titan's Behemoth super ability.

Melee Welmaker mod (Image via Bungie)
Melee Welmaker mod (Image via Bungie)

Every aspect of these Destiny 2 classes will synergize with the Elemental Shard mods. Additionally, the Well of Potency modification from the artifact stacks up when paired with Elemental Shards. It grants a bonus of super energy after picking up a Well of the same element.

Melee Wellmaker mod can also be helpful as it guarantees a drop of the Elemental Well matching the wearer's subclass energy type.

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