Void 3.0 in Destiny 2 The Witch Queen will provide all grenades to the three classes

Void 3.0 rework coming in The Witch Queen (Image via Bungie)
Void 3.0 rework coming in The Witch Queen (Image via Bungie)

The Witch Queen expansion in Destiny 2 will be bringing in a lot of changes that will be hard to keep track of. One of these changes includes the customization of the Light subclasses. Much like its darkness variant Stasis, the Void element for all three classes will be getting additional features such as Aspects and Fragments.


However, in a recent video from Bungie, a lot of unseen footage was revealed within the span of 13-minutes. While players have been hearing a lot about the void rework coming into the next expansion, there will be exotics to support each one of those Aspects as well.

Destiny 2 The Witch Queen void 3.0 will change everything about a player's approach to the endgame

One of the biggest changes with the void rework is the availability of all grenades in all the classes. This means the Titans can run an Axion grenade with Warlocks running the Suppressing ones. Each one of these Destiny 2 abilities will be customizable through Aspects and Fragments, similar to the Stasis subclass from Beyond Light.

The main focus of this change is to make players feel the class they are playing.

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Destiny 2 Design Lead Kevin Yanes delved deeper into the subject and revealed a few upcoming Aspects from different classes. He talked about a new Titan Aspect known as the Bastion, which will allow the tank class to slam a Sentinel Shield to the ground, creating void barricades.

This will further grant overshield to the caster and nearby allies as well.

Warlock's Aspect, Child of the Old Gods, will create a small void soul much like the one in the Arc bottom tree. This can be activated by a rift and will drain the life of anyone that the wielder will be attacking while weakening them. Based on the rift's nature, the void soul will grant back energy.

Once targets are draining, a healing rift will grant back melee and grenade energy while an empowering rift will grant health. In addition, kills with void souls will grant a huge sum of ability energy.

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