Shatterdive will be nerfed with Destiny 2's 30th anniversary patch 

Destiny 2 Hunter subclass Revenant (Image via Bungie)
Destiny 2 Hunter subclass Revenant (Image via Bungie)

With Stasis getting added to the sandbox of Destiny 2 Beyond Light, Bungie has faced a lot of problems involving the new subclass throughout the year. Nerfs involving stasis has been a common occurrence in the game ever since, even more so when it comes to PvP. Out of the three main classes, Hunters will be in the spotlight for the next nerf in the upcoming 30th anniversary patch.

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Bungie's 30th anniversary will be celebrated this year in Destiny 2 alongside an event during the end of 2021. The event will host a six-man fireteam activity and a purchasable pack including a new dungeon inside the Cosmodrome. This will further mark the return of classic Destiny 1 weapons and gears inspired by Bungie's history, and most importantly, the return of the Gjallarhorn.

Hunter's Shatterdive is scheduled to get nerfed in the 30th anniversary patch of Destiny 2

Shatterdives for Hunters have the potential to wipe out an entire fire team, even without any exotics paired. Guardians of Destiny 2 have spammed this ability before as it came in the form of an aspect from Exo Stranger. Be it inside PvP casual or even competitive play, there have been several complaints made by players on how unfair it is for an entire fireteam to be wiped out with a single skill in the blink of an eye.

@DattosDestiny It's been nerfed and the nerf will debut in the 30th anniversary patch alongside a slew of other abilities focused on shifting the meta more towards gunplay.

Bungie's Sandbox Lead, Kevin Yanes, recently confirmed on Twitter that a nerf on the Shatterdive is ready to go, and will be deployed alongside the 30th anniversary patch this year. Although there was no mention of other nerfs, he did mention that the main aim of this nerf is to shift the Destiny 2 meta from ability spamming, to more gunplay.

Balancing stasis has been a major issue for Bungie since the beginning of Destiny 2 Beyond Light. With recent complaints about the Dunemarchers on Titans, this won't be the first time something of this caliber will be nerfed. Shatterdive saw a major change going into the second half of 2021 in June, with a nerf in range and damage.

It legitimately blows my mind that it has been almost a full year since Beyond Light released for Destiny 2 and Hunter Shatterdive STILL exists like this:

The mechanics of Shatterdive are pretty straightforward. Hunters will need to throw glacier grenades at enemies, which will then freeze them in place. Pairing the Shatterdive aspect with Whisper of Fissures will further increase the radius at which shattering damage will be inflicted.

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