Yelan sales continue to outperform major Genshin Impact characters in China and Japan

Many Genshin Impact players are spending their money on Yelan (Image via miHoYo)
Many Genshin Impact players are spending their money on Yelan (Image via miHoYo)

New sales data is available for Yelan and Xiao's banners, and they're apparently doing very well relative to other Genshin Impact characters in China and Japan. It is only Day 4, so the data is a bit preliminary and could be off by the time their Event Wishes are over. However, it does show that these two popular characters are doing very well at the moment.

There are some major differences in the data worth mentioning before diving into the main part of this article. First, the Chinese Genshin Impact figures only take iOS into consideration. The data is also based on what's currently revealed about it, so it's not likely to be too far off.

Second, the Japanese Genshin Impact figures are based on an overall estimate based on current sales data and some machine AI. It isn't as reliable as the Chinese sales figures, but it is still something that some Genshin Impact players might wish to see.

Yelan and Xiao's banners are doing better than most Genshin Impact banners in China and Japan

The Chinese iOS sales by Day 4 (Image via Genshin Lab)
The Chinese iOS sales by Day 4 (Image via Genshin Lab)

The above figures show off some iOS revenue by Day 4 (which is when this article would be posted). As of right now, Yelan and Xiao's banner in Genshin Impact 2.7 has made $15,957,392, putting them in third place.

That number will continue to rise long after this article is posted, yet that won't change the fact that it's ranked third overall in the Chinese iOS market.

The only ones that made more money in a similar timeframe are:

  1. Raiden Shogun's debut
  2. Raiden Shogun & Kokomi's reruns

It is worth mentioning that some banners have alternated placements throughout the upcoming days, so it doesn't necessarily guarantee that Yelan and Xiao's banner will be ranked third on the Chinese iOS market forever. For example, Yelan and Xiao were number one on Day 1.

So far, it's only Day 4, meaning that there are over two weeks left to monitor for Yelan and Xiao's success. As of right now, they're outperforming all but two banners.

Japanese sales figures

Some Japanese data (Image via
Some Japanese data (Image via

The first bit of Japanese here refers to the date of the banner. Yelan's banner is known to have started on May 31, 2022, and will end on June 21, 2022. The more relevant part is the second line, which is the sales forecast. According to game-i.daa, Yelan's banner is predicted to make nearly 2.877 billion yen. They calculated this forecast through:

"Statistical data, regression analysis, and machine prediction by AI."

Hence, it's an estimate based on current sales, which is evidently high enough to give such a large estimate. It's not guaranteed to be accurate, especially with over two weeks remaining. This data would fall in line with the current, more credible Chinese sales figures.

The third Japanese line in this image is the overall ranking, which puts this banner in second place out of the 30 banners' data the website has. In Japan, Venti and Ayato's banner is number one with approximately 3.201 billion yen. For reference, the current Chinese sales show the banner in third place, which isn't too far off.

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