Genshin Impact Wish Simulator for Yelan banner: How to have unlimited wishes to test drop rates

Yelan's banner is available on several Wish Simulators (Image via miHoYo)
Yelan's banner is available on several Wish Simulators (Image via miHoYo)
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There are several Wish Simulators available for Genshin Impact players to use for Yelan's banner. The one shown in this article is, which can be accessed using this link:

It's not an app that Travelers have to download. Hence, it can feel more convenient to use, especially if one lacks storage space at the moment.

This article will cover how players can use the Wish Simulator to benefit as much as possible.

It is worth noting that Wish Simulators are primarily used for fun; they do not guarantee that Travelers will get the same pulls in Genshin Impact. As a result, they might not appeal to everybody.

How to use a Genshin Impact Wish Simulator to test your luck for Yelan's banner

How it should look on the website (Image via
How it should look on the website (Image via

The first thing that Travelers might see on the site is a little pop-up featuring some minor details about the recent banners and an option to support the creators. To get past it, just click on Confirm. Afterward, click on Yelan's banner icon to access her Event Wish (by default, players will be on Beginners' Wish).

At first, Travelers will only have enough for ten Wishes. And though there is an option to change that, it's worth witnessing what the actual wishes look like first.

An example of what ten pulls look like (Image
An example of what ten pulls look like (Image

Wish Simulators try to mimic what Travelers would get in Genshin Impact, and this particular one does a good job at that. Players can get a little cutscene beforehand and can see what they pull in the subsequent screen.

However, some Travelers might want far more than just ten pulls. In that case, the next tip should help them out.

Click here (Image via
Click here (Image via

Back on the home screen is a "?" icon on the top left, near Events Wish. Click on it to see several settings. The relevant one for most Genshin Impact players would be Unlimited Fates, which is set to No by default. Players have to change that to Yes to have unlimited wishes so they can test their luck with Yelan's banner.

Travelers should now notice that they have infinite Primogems and Intertwined Fates. Now, they can perform as many summons as they'd like. There is no limit here, so players can test how many Primogems it would take to get a C6 Yelan.

The important part of the History screen (Image via
The important part of the History screen (Image via

On the home screen is an option known as History; click on it. Players should now see several lines of items similar to what is shown above, but with dates and the banner's name as well. The crucial parts are Pity and Item Name. Pity doesn't quite work as it should for every individual item, but it will show the player their Pity once they get a 5-star character.

In this case, it took 77 pulls to get Yelan on her banner. The History section will also let players know their Current Pity and the Total Pull amount near the top. Eighty pulls costs approximately $213.33, which can really put things into perspective for a Genshin Impact player.

Fortunately, Travelers don't have to spend a penny to get Yelan on her banner in this Wish Simulator.

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